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Peñasquito Mine Employs Surrounding Community Members


Local hiring strategy boosts economy and builds stronger social ties.

Dailycsr.com – 13 August 2018 – Goldcorp always looks to hire from the surrounding local communities to run its operations, whereby using employment as a tool to “develop local economies” besides building stronger relationship with the surrounding communities. In fact, in 2017, the “Peñasquito mine” of Goldcorp records “substantial success” in this field.
The “National Employment Service” from state government worked closely with the “local hiring strategy” of Peñasquito which started with the publishing of “job vacancies” across nineteen communities, whereby directly influencing the operation. This was followed by “on-site recruitment and selection process”. Moreover, vacancies were also promoted in the surrounding communities through tours, while in 2017, two “Job Fairs” were conducted in the “municipalities of Mazapil and Concepción del Oro”.
In addition to that one recruitment office was set up in the Peñasquito mine access point, as all the community members interested in the job could acquire further information. This applicant influx was followed by “field visits” in the surrounding communities. During these visits, the recruiters successfully communicated the vacancies “still available” and brought the interested members in contact with the Peñasquito mine.
However, Goldcorp also added:
“As a result of this strategy, the local labour pool has increased and Peñasquito is seeing higher rates of local employment as well as improved reputation in the local area. The number of local candidates increased from 25% in January 2017 to 43% by December 2017. At the end of 2017, we successfully reached (and surpassed) our 20% local hiring goal (from the communities in our area of influence).  In total, more than 500 people from the surrounding communities were hired and trained through this program”.
The recruitment expectations were exceeded, as it registered over “1,200 calls” and conducted “750 interviews”. A database was also made for future references regarding “human resourcing needs”. Further information is available in the 2017 Sustainability Report of Goldcorp, which can be accessed at: