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PayPal Gives When Disaster Strikes Its Mighty Blow


PayPal ensures that the donation fund coming through its campaigns are hundred percent used in “relief efforts”.

Dailycsr.com – 06 November 2017 – The National Weather Service has described the Hurricane Harvey that hit the land of Texas in 2017 as “unprecedented”. During this trying times, the company of PayPal’s kept their thoughts on the victim of the storm, as many were “impacted, harmed and displaced by this terrible natural disaster”.
Moreover, the company extends it gratitude towards the bravery of the women and men who “worked tirelessly” exposing themselves to “grave danger” and rescued “people from the flood waters” and provided help to the ones in need. Along with “emotional support” to the hurricane victims, PayPal also launched “an appeal campaign” wherein the community of PayPal consisting of its employees and customers had the chance to respond “in times of crisis”.
The generosity ushered through donation campaigns held earlier by PayPal during Hurricane Matthew striking Haiti, earthquake devastating Nepal and Ecuador, Typhoon Haiyan hitting the Philippines, in the wake of Superstorm Sandy along with “many other terrible natural catastrophes”, contributed to make a “profound difference”.
From their experience, PayPal is aware that when a “natural disaster of this magnitude” hits the land, aid is also required on a vast scale while the recovery time is also long. However, in a collaboration one can “make a difference”, whereby PayPal partnered with agencies that were “providing relief on the ground”.
In respond to Hurricane Harvey, PayPal’s “disaster relief campaign” was launched through the “PayPal Giving Fund”, wherein the company has waived “all processing costs” and ensured that hundred percent donation amounts were used for “relief efforts”. Moreover, under PayPal Gives programme, the company also matched the donations of an employee of PayPal, as is the “terms” of the programme. While, the Chief Executive Officer as well as the President of PayPal, Dan Schulman, expressed his gratefulness towards all who gives their help.