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Parkway School District Campus Gets First Centralised Geothermal Plant


The newly installed geothermal plant promises to save nearly “$123,000”.

Dailycsr.com – 01 July 2019 – Ingersoll Rand’s brand Trane is an “indoor comfort and energy services solutions” provider on a global scale while the “Parkway School District” is among the “largest school districts in Missouri”, whereby the duo joined hands to install “first on-campus centralized geothermal energy plant” in Greater St. Louis area. This installation guarantees to save “at least $123,000 in total energy” on an annual basis.
Earth core’s consistent temperature is used a renewable energy source for geothermal systems wherein a network of “water-filled pipes” and “deep vertical geothermal wells” play an important role. The ground acts as insulin to retain a constant temperature, as a result it cuts down on the requirement of energy needed to “produce the desired heating or cooling effect”.
During the summer, the heat from the building can be removed and stored “underground as a heat sink” which could be used during winter. Water is circulated in a “closed-loop piping system to a depth of roughly 350 feet” and then it is distributed “through the central energy plant”. In the words of the “Sustainability and Purchasing Director” of Parkway School District, Erik Leuders:
“At Parkway we have a long history of integrating sustainable practices into our daily operations and long term building improvements. We view this system as an investment which generates considerable savings for taxpayers' dollars and as an opportunity to demonstrate Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) in action to our students. Implementing these innovative engineering solutions demonstrates our commitment to the students' learning environment and also to doing our part to solve the climate crisis.”
While, Trane’s Energy Expert, Scott Hardwick said:
“Parkway School District is a recognized leader in sustainability and environmental stewardship, and the Parkway South High School geothermal energy plant is a great example of the district's commitment to reducing greenhouse gas emissions. The new geothermal plant will provide both heating and cooling energy and is expandable to meet future demand. As Parkway's energy partner, we are continually exploring the use of renewable and clean energy technologies to increase heating and cooling efficiencies at many of the school district's facilities, which benefits the students, faculty, administration and the entire school community.”