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Parents To Learn With Their Children The ‘Nature of Digital Technology’ & Its Role In Education


The university of Oxford and Kinder bring vision and expertise in a team work to deliver on the “Magic Kinder app”.

Dailycsr.com – 22 March 2018 – In a three years’ long collaboration the Ferrero’s brand Kinder has teamed up with the University of Oxford for developing applications’ content which would take forward the research on “children's learning through digital technology”.
Bringing together the “magical world” and the “undisputed excellence”, the journey for developing “educational content” as well as a “platform” for the “Magic Kinder app” which would be “dedicated” to parents, hopes to “encourage” family interaction, whereby the parents get to learn with “their children”.
The said is a “research programme” which is aiming to understand better the area of digital technology’s use to promote learning among children. The University of Oxford offers its “world-renowned experience and studies in the field of child development” for this collaboration, whereby supporting “key aspects of children's learning” and creating “valuable content”.
Recognising the importance of providing support to parents in their struggle to meet the “challenges” in providing “free learning opportunities for children”, no matter where on earth, Kinder chose to join in with the University of Oxford. On the other hand, the latter is aware that children all over the world are growing up “using digital technology” at their “critical” development stage.
Therefore, through the above mentioned collaboration on the “Magic Kinder app”, the experts at the Oxford Education Department hope to add to the “development of educational content” with the creation of a “rigorous research program” which would scrutinise the “key learning outcomes for children”.
In the words of Kinder Brand’s global head, Marco Degregori:
“In Kinder we care about the interdisciplinary and positive development of children and we believe that technology can really support parents in their decisive role for the growth of their children. With the help of the University of Oxford, we will be able to offer families another level of interactive game content will be created with the help of world-renowned experts to ensure parents that their children participate in adequate development”.
While, the University of Oxford’s professor of “applied linguistics”, Victoria Murphy added:
“The importance of quality learning experiences in early childhood development can not be overstated. Children all over the world are increasingly interacting with different digital learning technologies, which are believed to have effects on development.With our partnership with Kinder, we intend to set up a rigorous research program to analyze the key issues of learning through digital technologies, to better understand and improve this process.”
Through this mission both the partners hope to bring together “the vision” as well as the “cutting-edge research and education” to the social benefits, whereby encouraging parents to join their children through play and get a better understanding of the “nature of learning through digital technology”.