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Panasonic announces the finalists for its Kid Witness News Global Contest 2015 program


Every year Panasonic teaches video shooting skills to children from elementary to middle school through its Kid Witness News (KWN) program. The program has a contest format, read on further to know where you can watch the videos of the finalists.

Panasonic has announced that it has finalized the seven schools which will represent seven countries for its global contest titled Panasonic Kid Witness News (KWN) 2015. The winner, amongst those selected will, be announced on 26th August 2015 during the Global Awards Ceremony which is to be held in Singapore. This will be the first ever global awards ceremony to be held in Southeast Asia.
Panasonic’s Kid Witness News is an educational program with a hands-on approach. Through this channel, Panasonic wants to support the education of future generations. It is currently promoted the KWN program in 19 regions and countries. During the course of the KWN program, Panasonic provides video cameras and other video and related equipment to elementary and middle schools which are participants of the program.
Through the KWN program and the competition that follows, Panasonic honors the works created by children every year. The children learn a great deal while making these videos. Right from choosing a theme, to planning the shoot, scripting it, and later editing the content of what has been shot. Thanks to Panasonic’s hands on approach, the children get a strong grounding in all aspects of shooting a video.
Currently there are around 5,000 teachers and children who form part of the KWN program. The program which began in 1989, celebrated its 25th anniversary last year. During this period the program has taught the skills of video shooting to more than 170,000 children.
This year’s KWN global contest program saw the participation of 553 schools spread across 19 countries. Each region / country took part by submitting their video shoot with a maximum length of five minutes. This year the participants could select either ecology or communication as their theme. The ensuing video should be closely linked to the children’s lives or it should be seen from their point of view. It should showcase environmental issues, such as natural disasters, issues faced by physically challenged individuals, interactions with their family members, etc.

The videos of this year’s can be viewed at the KWN Global Contest 2015
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