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Panasonic To Capture Historic Total Solar Eclipse With Solar Electricity


Using Power Supply Container, Panasonic will conduct the live broadcast of total solar eclipse at Indonesia.

Dailycsr.com – 02 March 2016 – In a “rare total solar eclipse” that is scheduled to take place in the “morning of March 9, 2016”, a shadow of total darkness will engulf the regions of Borneo, Sulawesi, and Sumatra. The eclipse is likely to last for around four minutes, whereby Panasonic will cover the event from Ternate with live broadcast with the help of “Power Supply Container” which is “a stand-alone photovoltaic power package”.
For recording the eclipse live, Panasonic will transport the Power Supply Container from Jakarta. There will be twelve “Panasonic HIT® solar modules” with “high conversion efficiency” for producing around “3kW of electricity” for which the system will tap into the top portion of the container to avail renewable energy. The electricity, thus gathers will be stored in a “24 built-in lead-acid storage batteries”.
Panasonic “LUMIX GH4” camera will use the stored energy to film the “spectacular moment”. In fact, the said camera will be connected to a telescope for capturing the event from up close. The stored solar power will also support editing and production equipment, mobile computer, internet connections and other such technologies to run the show.
As per BusinessWire:
“The live broadcast of the solar eclipse will begin at 05:00 AM, March 9 in Ternate (08:00 PM, March 8 UTC) and can be viewed on platforms including Ustream, YouTube Live and Periscope (refer to Annex)”.
The coming live broadcast of the solar eclipse conducted by Panasonic will mark its third such endeavour. However, in earlier two cases Panasonic spent time fixing the “HIT® solar modules on the ground”, while the same process has been smartened up a lot, whereby the “portability of the Power Supply Container and its capability to be assembled quickly and easily with minimal construction work” play a solid role in it.
Panasonic has been involved in the development of this kind of Power Supply Containers in other areas of Indonesia, whereby the first container has been installed at the “the National Elementary School Karimunjawa 01” in the month of July 2014. Likewise, Panasonic attempted to bring in improvement in the field of education. In fact, thanks to the success of the first project, Panasonic introduced a second such container at “another elementary school” that is located in the mountainous terrains of “West Java Province”, whereby the system helped enhance water supply besides education facilities.
This way, Panasonic has been trying to bring in stable electricity supply in areas that are still without it, so as to “mitigate social challenges” and create a better life for the locals and in turn make this world a better place.