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Pampers Shares The Love With All The Moms


Recent survey reveal that most moms think they aren’t doing their job well enough, therefore Pampers collaborated with some amazing moms to spread the message across to all the moms that “they are doing great”.

Dailycsr.com – 11 March 2020 –For moms their world begins and ends with their babies and they go all out to love and care for them. However, in a new survey carried out by Pampers it was found that nine out of ten moms worry that “they aren’t doing a good enough job”.While, another survey, conducted in North America, has found that many mother appears to be “their own worst critic”.
Therefore, Pampers wants to extend its support towards the moms across the world and is initiating a movement called “Share the Love”. In this journey, Pamper is teaming up with “Actress, Entrepreneur and new mom Shay Mitchell along with long-term Pampers Creative Consultant, TV Personality, Cookbook Author and mother of two, Chrissy Teigen” who will discuss and share their experiences.
In the words of Shay Mitchell:
“I’m learning that while motherhood is the most incredible experience it’s not always easy and I know I can be really hard on myself sometimes. I often worry about being ‘good enough’ as a mom, and if I listen to myself for too long, it can take away from the joy of the moment. So, I’m striving to be kinder to myself and to try to see myself through my daughter’s eyes. That’s why this Pampers ‘Share the Love’ campaign is so important—I want to help create positive conversation around motherhood and let new moms know they’re not alone.”
This initiative by Pamper is to shed light on “parenting reality” that moms need to “second-guess themselves less” while encouraging others around them to show their support with “positive thoughts of affirmation”. While Chrissy Teigen recounted:
“As a mom of two, I’ve watched my babies grow and develop into little people with big personalities and big opinions. As they get a little older it’s amazing to hear them express their feelings and say ‘I love you’. When our babies are too little to tell us themselves, it’s so powerful to hear words of encouragement from your partner, a friend or a fellow parent. Even a simple ‘you’re doing great Mama’ from a passer-by can make a world of difference when your baby is having a melt-down at the grocery store or on a flight.”
Pampers is also bringing out a “a new film” on the same subject showcasing this shared experience of moms and to encourage everyone to “remind moms they’re doing a great job”. In the words of the Chief Executive of “Global Baby Care and Feminine Care” at Procter & Gamble, Fama Francisco:
“At Pampers, our mission is to care for the happy, healthy development of babies and lift up the parents who care for them. As a mother myself, I know how easy it is to be critical of ourselves, especially in the early years. And now that my children are grown and have communicated back to me how loved they’ve always felt, I realize how unhelpful my inner-critic was. That’s why I’m passionate about this #SharetheLove program and the opportunity it offers for us to remind every mom that, in the eyes of the people she loves and the people who love her, she’s doing just fine.”