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PPE’s 3M Innovation Gets Accepted By Food And Drink Federation In U.K.


The innovative development of PPE to ensure workers’ safety has been welcomed by the U.K’s Food and Drink Federation.

Dailycsr.com – 14 October 2015 – The Food and Beverage Industry has to struggle when it comes to increasing “productivity” while taking care that the workers do not fall prey of “occupational ill health”.
The diversity involved in the manufacturing products causes the trouble to the workers who can develop “a number of long latency occupational health issues”. One such health issue is the “irreversible hearing damage” which can take place due to the “exposure” level of noise that exceeds “the 80dB(A) and 85dB(A) action levels”. As per statistical:
“Currently, more than 17,000 people in the UK suffer from deafness or tinnitus as a result of past exposure to workplace noise”.
In fact, now there are ways to avoid the damage to ones hearing ability; with the help of PPE or “personal protective equipment” one can “prevent the onset of noise” that leads to the loss of hearing capacity. Furthermore, PPE is also equipped to improve communication inside the workplace. It has been observed that adequate communication facilities leading to slow flow of information can cause a “negative impact on worker efficiency and productivity”. In some extreme cases, it also confines workers to isolation, “high levels of employee down-time” along with other health hazards.
The said development of PPE has been welcomed by the “Food and Drink Federation” of U.K. The safety kit includes “Peltor Communication Headsets by 3M” whereby the industry benefits from its improved efficiency and productivity. According to a Food and Drink Federation’s spokesman:
“The Food and Drink Federation is supportive of innovative ideas that contribute to the improvement of health and safety standards in the workplace, an example of which is personal protective equipment. The use of these products, such as those produced by 3M, reflects our member's priorities to increase both productivity and efficiency in the sector's working environments.
"Such development has contributed to a 10% productivity growth in our industry over the last five years through product innovation, advancement of manufacturing technologies and the cutting down of waste."
The communication headsets designed by Peltor helps in noise reduction, ensures safety of the workers, whereby “reducing wastage” in turn and “maintaining worker motivation”. Likewise, the productivity rate jumps up as the workers can have rewarding experience of being connected to their fellow worker at work.
Fast communication, reduce time wastage and enables the workers to act fast when required in an emergency situation “on the production line” whereby avoiding “unnecessary and costly waste and product backlog”.
However, the 3M communication specialist at Peltor, Tim Booth informs:
“Although working in the food and beverage sector has become safer, it still remains a hazardous industry, largely as a result of high noise levels associated with its processes”.
“By encouraging employers to tackle the problem of noise exposure through the use of clear communication solutions, including Peltor communication solutions by 3M, we hope to see a marked improvement in health and safety compliance and ultimately the welfare of the workforce in the sector.”