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PHLY80K Trees: Boosting Community Resilience & Environmental Health


Philadelphia Insurance Companies (PHLY) has affirmed its ongoing support for vital reforestation initiatives through a continued partnership with the Arbor Day Foundation. This renewed dedication is aimed at facilitating the planting of 80,000 trees annually throughout the United States, with a specific focus on sustainable forestry practices and land restoration endeavors.
To mark the commencement of this year's campaign, forty employees from PHLY, alongside local foresters from Friends of the Rappahannock (FOR), engaged in a two-day planting project along the Ta River in Virginia. The significance of reforesting this privately owned land transcends its immediate boundaries, contributing significantly to the overall health of river watersheds and the conservation of the Chesapeake Bay. Through collaborative efforts with Foundation leaders, FOR, and various local forestry partners, the PHLY team successfully planted 1,200 trees.
“Through this partnership, Philadelphia Insurance Companies is not only helping restore forests—it's also fostering a network of environmental stewards,” said Dan Lambe, chief executive of the Arbor Day Foundation. “We’re grateful PHLY and its employees have demonstrated such a strong commitment to revitalizing ecosystems and strengthening communities through trees.”
Since 2015, PHLY has dedicated itself to assisting the Arbor Day Foundation in planting upwards of 650,000 trees. This endeavor has reached beyond 20 states, with its influence extending to projects in the American West and Southeast, both of which are recognized as crucial regions for strategic reforestation efforts by the Foundation on a global scale.
“This is a meaningful project for our company and our employees, who always enjoy the opportunity to come together for a cause,” said John Glomb, President and CEO of Philadelphia Insurance Companies. “These planting projects with the Arbor Day Foundation have left a lasting impression on our employees, and we take pride in knowing their efforts will have a lasting impact on communities for years to come.”

The PHLY80K Trees program not only contributes to forest restoration but also bolsters community resilience against natural calamities. Robust tree canopies are essential for mitigating floods, enhancing air and water quality, and stabilizing soil conditions.