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P&G To Reduce Harmful Emissions By Thirty Percent


By the year-end to 2020, P&G looks forward to cut down its greenhouse gas production by thirty percent.

Dailycsr.com – 16 September 2015 – Procter & Gamble, commonly known as P&G has set before itself “a new goal” whereby all the facilities of P&G to reduce “greenhouse gas emissions” by thirty percent by the year of 2020. The World Wildlife Fund has also leant a partnership hand in this goal and helped P&G to develop the same. Furthermore, the goal bases itself on the best of science practices available, while it also “represents an important step forward” for the company which has been continuously making its best efforts to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions to minimum so as to prevent a harsh impact on the climate change.
Moreover, P&G will become a part of the “Climate Savers Program” which has been initiated by the World Wildlife Fund. The said programme provides a collaborative platform to all the “leadership companies” so that they can all together strengthen the efforts being made to “address climate change” and hasten the precautious attempts.
The thirty percent reduction in greenhouse gas emission is quite a big responsibility on the part of P&G, which the company undertook after “considering” a presentation of “latest science” on climate change by the “Intergovernmental Panel”. By reducing thirty percent of greenhouse gas emission, P&G will support the “global efforts” of preventing the temperature of the earth to increase by another “two degrees Celsius”. Moreover, P&G seeks scientific “methodologies” which help commercial companies to balance their economic goal with that of “climate science”. P&G gas a global sustainability department, whose vice president, Len Sauers remarked:
“Climate change is a global issue and we believe everyone – companies, governments, and individuals – all have a role to play. We felt it was important to come forward with an ambitious, science-based goal to help do our part to address the challenges that climate change poses.”
The partnership between WWF and P&G has been steadily working to design “new goal(s)” that keep the climate change in mind while implementing the same and measuring its advancements. WWF’s private-sector engagement’s “senior vice president, Suzanne Apple informs:
“We recognize P&G for its leadership in setting a reduction target that is grounded in climate science. This is a significant commitment that will lead to measurable reductions in P&G’s greenhouse gas emissions while inspiring other companies to step up and take action. We are pleased to welcome P&G as the newest member of our Climate Savers Program, which serves to recognize industry leaders who are pursuing innovative and cost effective solutions to climate change.”
Furthermore, the company of Procter and Gamble is to set its new goals in line with becoming a green energy consumer, whereby it wishes to retain its focus on conserving energy usage besides investing into renewable energy systems. The group president of P&G, Martin Riant, who is also the “executive sponsor for Global Sustainability”, says:
“We set this goal with the firm belief that it will be good for the environment and good for our business. Energy conservation and increasing renewable energy will not only drive emission reductions, but will decrease costs and help create innovative solutions that will help our brands win with consumers.”