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Over ‘25,000 Volunteers’ Join In The Keep Texas Beautiful’s Pledge To Create Clean Waterways


Keep Texas Beautiful strives to make people aware of the pressing need of clean water, which comes from a clean waterway.

Dailycsr.com – 26 September 2016 – Across the region of Texas, volunteers flocked together for the last one year. They belonged to as many as hundred forty seven different communities, who strove to deal with “litter in local waterways” under “Keep America Beautiful” in association with “Keep Texas Beautiful’s Keep Texas Waterways Clean program”.
Starting from the month of September 2015 till the month of August 2016, over “25,000 volunteers” took part in the above mentioned initiative, whereby altogether they contributed almost “83,000 volunteer hours” which equals to “$2 million in volunteer time”. Likewise, the volunteers redeemed over “493,000 pounds of litter and recyclables” from stretch of “647 miles of waterway” along with “11,063 acres of parks and public land”.
The programme is an attempt to increase “public awareness” about the requirement of “healthy waterways”. Moreover, the same also provides “opportunities for community engagement”. In the words of the executive director at Keep Texas Beautiful, Suzanne Kho:
“Waterways connect us to each other, to nature, and to future generations. It is wonderful to see so many people across Texas taking responsibility for improving their community environment. We applaud the work of these volunteers for their efforts on behalf of Texas waterways and the community.”