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Office Cleanout Turned Into Social Giving


PSEG resources thousands binders for school children following its office cleanout.

Dailycsr.com – 01 September 2021 – Can you think of an experience wherein the plan of doing something mundane and routine yielded greater good?
Well, this is what happened during an office cleanout.
The Public Service Enterprise Group, in short PSEG, reported that it all began with a simple “office cleanout” but as unexpected as it was, eventually the drive turned into donating over three thousand binders to local schools where they would prove helpful.
It is very well known the various impact the ongoing global pandemic has brought in various forms ranging from financial hardship to meagre resources. At a time like this, the above mentioned donation can be of help to the children in their education. While, “the Resource Recovery Specialist”, Kelsey DuBois shared a similar view. As PSEG quoted DuBois saying:
“COVID has hit a lot of families hard – especially financially - which has made it difficult for parents to acquire necessary school supplies for their children. This donation will help the children of Newark get some necessary school supplies they need."