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Ocean Cruise Industries Shake Hands With Environmental NGOs To Save The Oceans


Dailycsr.com – 08 February 2016 – The present trend in the “travel and hospitality industry” looks forward to invest in the “preservation” of various popular global destinations besides the social and environmental ecosystem that encompass the same.
The establishment of “Sustainable Destinations Alliance” came in to existence from the year of 2014, whereby the Ocean Foundation and JetBlue even highlighted a direct correlation between the health of ecosystems in the Caribbean” with the revenue of airlines.
Likewise, carrying on with the same legacy the “Carnival Corporation and Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd.”, two of the “largest cruise lines” in the world, teamed up with “environmental NGOs” for promoting “ocean conservation”.
As a result, Carnival hosted the ‘Nature Conservancy’s annual Mapping Ocean Wealth forum at the Miami headquarters, whereby welcoming leading conservation, science and sustainability organizations”. The said initiative is an attempt to “create a new kind of knowledge about how and where ocean benefits are produced”. This endeavour includes mapping of areas with mangroves, and coral reeds, as they enhance fish production, mitigates flood threats, controls erosion and helps in recreation.
Updated research work on tourism along with the “coastal ocean’s CO2 sequestration capacity” and issues of coastal protections took the lime highlight of the meeting. The Carnival Corporation’s sustainability director, Elaine Heldewier told before the meeting:
“The Nature Conservancy’s Mapping Ocean Wealth project will identify the most critical areas for public and private action in support of our oceans, as well as help showcase the latest research on issues such as tourism, coastal protection and fish production. As the world’s largest cruise company, we have 11 million guests a year sailing with our 10 global brands, and many of our 120,000 employees work and live for extended periods of time on our oceans and seas. So it is a top priority for us to protect and sustain the environment, and supporting leading conservation groups such as The Nature Conservancy and many others underscores our commitment to sustainability. We look forward to two days of learning how new research and specific initiatives can further our joint goals.”
While the Nature Conservancy’s Director for ocean mapping and planning, Rob Brumbaugh adds:
“Our annual meeting will advance the discussion of how ocean habitats benefit us all, and how well-informed conservation initiatives can yield lasting, measurable outcomes. Mapping Ocean Wealth demonstrates what the ocean does for us today so that we can maximize what the ocean does for us tomorrow.”
The work of TNC also involves:
  • building new coral nurseries in the Caribbean
  • transplanting 20,000 corals in the Bahamas and U.S. Virgin Islands
  • installing new pilot reef enhancement structures to provide greater habitat for fish and a potential area for future coral growth in Grenada’s Grenville Bay
Moreover, the Royal Caribbean has entered into a partnership with World Wildlife Fund, in an attempt to “ensure the long-term health of the oceans”. As a result, both the partners will set before them achievable measures whereby they will try to reduce “Royal Caribbean's environmental footprint”.