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O-I Glass: Advancing Sustainability through Glass Recycling and Circular Packaging


O-I Glass, Inc, has officially released its 2023 Sustainability Report, showcasing the company's continuous progress towards its ambitious sustainability objectives. The report highlights significant advancements made by O-I in establishing robust glass recycling systems within the communities it serves. Through targeted investments, O-I has implemented scalable glass recycling solutions, leading to improved environmental impact of glass packaging and the promotion of circularity. 

As of the end of 2022, approximately 25 collection sites were established as part of the Glass4Good™ programs, resulting in nearly $20,000 in donations to the United Way. Furthermore, O-I has successfully developed over 50 closed-loop glass recycling initiatives in collaboration with global customers, which have collectively kept more than 100,000 tons of glass within the circular economy. The company has achieved glass recycling accessibility in 96 percent of the communities where it operates, progressively approaching its goal of 100 percent coverage. 

Randy Burns, Chief Sustainability and Corporate Affairs Officer for O-I, emphasized the importance of collaboration and a shared vision throughout the value chain for sustainable practices.

"While we firmly believe that glass packaging is already the most sustainable choice, true sustainability encompasses more than just our products. It is also about the way we manufacture them," said Burns.

In pursuit of its vision to become the leading and preferred supplier of innovative, sustainable brand packaging solutions, O-I's climate strategy focuses on sourcing renewable energy, increasing the use of recycled materials, enhancing energy efficiency, and leveraging new furnace technologies. By implementing these strategies, the company has successfully reduced scope 1 & 2 emissions by nearly 18 percent compared to the 2017 baseline, with an additional 5 percent decline since 2021.

“O-I continues to innovate and transform the glass packaging industry for a more sustainable future,” said Andres Lopez, CEO of O-I. 

“Our success in leading sustainable advancement for the industry has been the result of reimagining and reinventing the model for glass packaging while building a strong, resilient organization designed for the future.”