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Nigerian Girls To Undergo Computer Education


The girls of Nigeria to undergo a fort nights’ training camp on computer-skill development along with mentoring sessions, in order to introduce other information technologies to them. MainOne has been a supporting pillar in this endeavour now for the second year.

Dailycsr.com – 20 July 2015 – In the super fast world of technology wherein men and women are progressing with equal speed, the poor countries are remaining far behind, whereby the empowerment of women is becoming a worldwide concern. Speaking about women empowerment in the twenty first century, the task would never be completed ere the women are trained in technologies. It is to support this very trend, MainOne has stood by, extending its support in initiatives to educate and train the women of Nigeria in software skill development.
The said initiate has been taken up by the “Women Technology Empowerment Center’s Technology Camp” and MainOne has lent its helping hand for the “second year” for such activity. The campaign of women empowerment technology has been scheduled for “two weeks” wherein girls, as they are the future women, will given “technology education” along with “mentoring programme” which will be helpful in turning the participants’ interest towards “computers and other information technology” at an early age.
In fact, even though men and women are no more differentiated in terms of work capability, as women have taken over successfully various fields of livelihood which were earlier considered to be man’s field, yet there is an inequality between the genders. In spite of women joining men as an auto driver or a police officer, the women are fewer in n umber as compared to men in the industry of information technology. It is to “reverse this imbalance” the chief executive officer of MainOne, Funke Opeke highlights the issue. The representative of Opeke, Temitope Osunrinde address the crowd “at the press conference” whereby stressing on “the under-representation of women in the technology industry”.
According to reports of the Global Technology industry, currently the ratio between men and women employers comes to seven to three. Consequently, a collective awareness and collaboration is required to arrive at a mutually equal ratio. In order to stress his point, Osunrinde took the example of the winners of the “Technovation Challenge World Pitch” 2015 which took place at San Francisco. The winners were none other than “four Nigerian girls” who bagged a reward of “$10,000” as finalists. In their battle to the top, they had defeated candidate from other countries like “India, USA, Mexico, Brazil and Indonesia”. These Nigerian girls won the competition with their “mobile app, Discardious, which seeks to tackle the refuse disposal challenge in Nigeria”. He further stated:
“At MainOne, our goal is to provide girls of all ages with support, mentorship and the motivation to pursue ICT-driven careers, eventually becoming active role models themselves to the next generation of girls. Our CEO, Ms. Opeke is an ITU female role model and believes this cycle is necessary to create better opportunities for our girls and revert the gender imbalance in Technology.”
Moreover, while commenting Oreoluwa Somolu, the executive director of W.TEC informed that
“...the technology camp adopts a variety of strategies that enable female students maximize their learning experiences and make them better equipped to pursue careers in technology.”