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Next City’s New Edition ‘Inspire Change In Cities’ By Featuring ‘Inclusive’ Growth In The Economy With Urban Solutions


Highlighting innovative urban solutions and policies, sharing best practices and investment methods and introducing technology that addresses “pressing” urban issues in capital management so as to ensure “inclusive economic growth” and increase “affordability”, The Bottom Line’s recent edition makes its entry

Dailycsr.com – 15 February 2018 – On January 18, 2018, the Next City made an announcement about “The Bottom Line”, “its newest editorial section” launched with the support of “Citi Community Development”.
The Bottom Line’s enterprise coverage includes news-reporting as well as “op-eds” penned by the leaders of both, the private as well as the public sectors, whereby the edition explores “programs, partnerships, policies, technologies and financial tools” that shows promise and have emerged for addressing “increasing inequality, household financial vulnerability and other troubling economic trends” that affect various cities in America. One can avail further details at:
The new edition mainly deals with the collaborate play of “investment, technology, policy and innovation” shaping “new solutions” that increase “affordability, inclusive economic growth and access to capital in American cities”. The Bottom Line highlights leadership thoughts and work of practitioners, researchers and “urban leaders” from civic, public and private sectors. Moreover, it will also give an introduction to the Next City's readers, comprising of “people who care about the future of cities and are well positioned to help shape it”, into “innovative new approaches to building thriving, financially inclusive cities”.
In the words of the chief executive officer as well as the president of Next City Publisher, Tom Dallessio:
“In an era of limited public resources, harnessing the power of the private sector becomes even more important. And we know that at a time when urban markets are moving faster than ever before, so must the flow of information. Next City is pleased to present The Bottom Line, which will engage experts, explore the challenges of urbanization through case studies and propose scalable solutions”.
Furthermore, the global director at “Citi Community Development and Inclusive Finance”, Bob Annibale, added:
“Rising rent and house prices, growing household financial fragility and a lack of access to opportunities to build assets are making many cities places of exclusion, robbing neighborhoods of the many benefits of inclusive growth. The Bottom Line will shine a light on the creativity and innovation of the leaders, investments and policies that are harnessing novel financing and partnership models to address some of the most complicated challenges facing cities.”
While, the “Director of Urban Development and Leadership Development at the National League of Cities and Chair Emeritus of the Next City board”, Jess Zimbabwe, said:
“Even though they can seem like complicated, technical subjects, no city builder or leader can afford to take a back seat in understanding the financial, technological and policy forces shaping city economies. Next City's journalism will bring these topics to light, telling the stories of how they impact real places. We're proud that Citi will support this work”.
Talking about the Bottom Line, PolicyLink’s C.E.O as well as the Founder, Angela Glover Blackwell, noted:
“The Bottom Line is a timely new resource for city leaders. City success depends on tapping the creativity and talent of all of their residents, including people of color who are the majority in many cities. Investing in equitable growth strategies that ensure all can participate and prosper as workers, innovators, entrepreneurs, and city builders is both the right thing to do and critical to the future of urban economies.”
The Treasurer of San Francisco, José Cisneros, said
“I congratulate Next City and Citi Community Development for creating The Bottom Line series. This series will highlight the incredible investments and initiatives underway across the country to address the many challenges and opportunities our cities face.”