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Newsweek Includes Cadence Among ‘America’s Most Responsible Companies for 2022’


Cadence is committed towards bringing innovation in the field of technology to sustainably transform people’s life for better.

Dailycsr.com – 17 February 2022 – Newsweek has come up with the list of “America’s Most Responsible Companies for 2022” and guess what, the Cadence Design Systems were excited to find its name featuring in the list among the other companies.
Cadence has brought in a pivotal leadership in designing electronics which has been build on the foundations of “computational software expertise” which came from over thirty years of experience in the field. “Intelligent System Design” is an underlying strategy of the company used delivering reality generated from design concept through “software, hardware and IP”. The list of Cadence customers includes the names of the “world’s most innovative companies”, notes 3blmedia, that deliver “extraordinary electronic products” ranging from “chips to boards to systems” for the “most dynamic market applications” such as “hyperscale computing”, mobile, automotive, healthcare sector, industrial sector, aerospace, and 5G communications.
In fact, for continuous seven years, Fortune magazine included Cadence’s name among the “100 Best Companies to Work For”. Cadence Design Systems maintains its commitment towards bringing innovation in the field of technology which will be at par with sustainable standards besides transforming people’s life for better. In the words of Cadence Design Systems:
“We are committed to building innovative technologies that drive sustainability and transform lives around the world”.
The complete, for your perusal, can be availed at the link mentioned below: