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New White Paper Describes ‘Purposeful Pivots’ During Pandemic


A new white paper on “purposeful pivots” underscore examples that could be adopted by brands.

Dailycsr.com – 29 October 2020 – The COVID-19 pandemic has given rise to pivots, while “Engage for Good and Salesforce.org” talks to you about a special category of “purposeful pivots” which “stands above the rest”.
In a new “white paper”, Engage for Good and Salesforce.org recounts inspiring stories related to seven “purposeful pivots”, whereby revealing the principles suitable for brands to utilise for working in a smarter way and adapting better in these challenging times.
Given a few examples of a “purposeful pivot”, Engage for Good described:
  • “Colgate redeploying dental vans sitting idle to deliver personal care items via schools and community partners.
  • “International NGO CARE reimagining an iconic World War II package alongside corporate partners to deliver resources where they’re needed most.
  • “Subaru helping employees recycle PPE like masks and rubber gloves to prevent them from being sent to landfills”.
The entire white paper can be downloaded for free by clicking on the link given below:
Moreover, you can also access a free webinar which cover more in depth various case studies by clicking on the link mentioned below:
In the words of the global head for communications and research for Salesforce.org, Devi Thomas:
“By retelling the stories of our shared experiences this year, we hope to learn from each other. The biggest lesson we've learned is that crisis fuels new ways of thinking, inspires new ideas and forces us to focus on what's really important - helping others.”
While, the Engage for Good’s president, David Hessekiel added:
“Now, more than ever, the world needs creative problem-solving skills to be applied to the complex challenges we collectively face. We’re excited to share this white paper with the social impact community and hope the inspiration and information contained within these purposeful pivots will help others surface meaningful solutions that will strengthen their businesses and communities.”