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New Resin Developed By Dow Promotes Sustainable Packaging Trend


The chemical company of Dow comes up with new resin that promotes sustainable packaging culture.

Dailycsr.com – 31 October 2015 – The Dow Chemical Company is launching “a new family of resins”. The new products will be “unprecedented” in their performances, whereby they will be helping the customers to address “some of today’s most challenging packaging performance gaps”.
As informed by Dow the “Innate Precision Packaging Resins” are formed through a catalytic reaction wherein “a patented molecular catalyst” gets combined with “advanced process technology”. The process will allow the customers to “unlock” novel options in packaging which display “unmatched stiffness-toughness balance, processing ease and improved sustainability profiles.”
According to Mike Hower of Sustainablebrands.com:
“The new resigns will help define new market spaces and create new categories for everything from flexible food packaging to heavy-duty industrial shipping sacks, Dow claims. They offer improved sustainability profiles due to light-weighting potential. Material substitution also affords opportunities for new packaging efficiencies”.
Innate resin is capable of handling “twice the abuse resistance” that hit the “co-extruded films” in comparison to the resins of “standard polythene” that are available in the market. The film made out of new resins maintains its toughness without “compromising” with key properties including material stiffness. Moreover, it also demonstrates ‘excellent bubble stability’; likewise it also proves easy in during processing work.
Dow’s recent news informed that ten companies like “Coca-Cola and Nestlé” tested the “new draft of the Natural Capital Protocol” which has been scrutinised in the light of “specific business applications”. The protocol will be a source of support during any business related “decision-making” processes like risk management issues, “exploration of new revenue streams, and in product and value chain innovation”. The new resin is a product of:
“the Natural Capital Coalition, a global platform that brings together the different initiatives and organizations working in natural capital under a common vision of a world where business conserves and enhances natural capital”.