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New Holland Construction offers women career opportunity in construction equipment operation industry


New Holland Construction offers courses and workshop for women to gain experience and know-how in the construction industry’s sector which is predominantly male.

In late August, New Holland Construction, a brand of CNH Industrial, conducted a five-day backhoe course, in late August, for women wanting to enter the world of construction equipment operation or pursue a career in this sector.
The course, held in Sarzedo, Minas Gerais, was part of the Together to Build movement, an initiative that New Holland Construction has long promoted. Together to Build aims to promote the inclusion of women in the construction industry as machine operators, a profession that is still predominantly male. 
A key partner in the project is Women in Construction, an NGO that has helped more than 5,000 women advance their careers in the industry by offering free courses and workshops.
According to Giovanni Borgonovo, New Holland Construction's Marketing Manager for Latin America, the idea of Together to Build arose from customers' difficulty in finding qualified labour.
"When we help give women more opportunities to work and gain financial independence, we increase their self-esteem and achieve greater equality in a male-dominated market. The goal of the Together to Build movement is not only to strengthen, but also to promote their incorporation into this sector and to fill this shortage of qualified professionals."
Modern construction machinery is increasingly connected and sustainable. Currently,
New Holland Construction products have equipped the plant with digital systems that ensure greater efficiency, decreased operating costs and greater profitability. 

As computers become more sophisticated, professionals need to be prepared for the transition. Dealing with the increased technological capabilities of newer machines requires training.

"Many manufacturers are making modern, connected devices available to their customers, but the country still lacks the people to efficient, very few professionals with the necessary training Much of Brazil still learns the trade from a more experienced friend, relative or operator who is not always able to provide the necessary technological know-how to most modern equipment", said Ésio Dinis , Product Marketing Manager of NewHolland Construction Brazil.
According to data from the Brazilian Ministry of Labor and Employment,  the presence of women in the country's construction sector has jumped by nearly 50% in the last decade. This equates to more than 200,000 women working in this segment.
"There is a demand in the market and for the training of women to become involved in this  with jobs able to qualify and compete, Neu Holland Construction enhances inclusion and encourages the evolution of the construction industry,” said Fernanda Cruz, Brand Communications Coordinator for New Holland Construction.

New Holland Construction has also a website with job market content, career tips and more for the women who want to enter the world of construction equipment operations.

To know more  visit https://newholland.com.br/ce/juntasparaconstruir