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New England Natural Bakers' Sustainable Partnership: Transforming Food Waste into Renewable Energy


New England Natural Bakers, headquartered in Greenfield, Massachusetts, is a prominent player in the organic granola market, including their latest addition, Trunola. Demonstrating a harmonious blend of delicious treats and environmental stewardship, this employee-owned firm boasts a rich legacy of social and environmental responsibility dating back to 1977. Since 2020, the company has collaborated with Vanguard Renewables to address food waste arising from its production process.
At the helm of this sustainability mission is Chuck Marble, the President and CEO, who underscores, "Sustainability is embedded in our ethos." Through this alliance, the company tackles the inevitable food waste by diverting it away from landfills, transforming it into renewable gas—a champion for environmental preservation.
Here's the process: leftover materials and inedible scraps from granola production are directed to a Vanguard Renewables Farm Powered® facility. Utilizing anaerobic digestion, this waste undergoes a transformation. Combined with cow manure from Bar-Way Farm in Deerfield, MA, the organic matter is recycled within a sealed tank, where naturally occurring microbes break it down, generating biogas. This biogas is refined into clean-burning renewable gas, powering towns, businesses, and nearby residences.
This collaboration significantly diminishes the environmental footprint of food waste, a notable contributor to greenhouse gas emissions, perfectly aligning with New England Natural Bakers' sustainability pledge. Marble emphasizes, "Combatting climate change stands as a paramount objective for our company and our clientele."

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