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Nestlé’s Accelerated Sodium Reduction Policy


Nestlé is making efforts to match WHO set standards in its food and beverage items.

Dailycsr.com – 14 October 2016 – Right from the year of 2013, Nestlé has attempted to accelerate the process of reducing salt contents across their “foods and beverage” for helping the customers attain the “recommended target levels” suggested by WHO and other such authorities.
Nestlé’s worldwide “Policy on Sodium” aims at an annual sodium reduction of an average of ten percent from the year of 2012 till the year of 2016, especially in Nestlé’s beverage and food items that “do not meet NF criteria for sodium”. Likewise, the company of Nestlé informs that:
“By the end of 2015, we achieved an overall sodium reduction of 7.4% toward our objective of a 10% reduction. In 2014, 100% of GERBER® products for infants, toddlers and preschoolers met NF criteria for sodium”.
People like consuming food which make them “feel good”, while they seek for foods “made with fewer ingredients and less sodium”. The list of products improved in the United States within the year of 2015 include over two hundred fifty items; here are some the names, mentioned in the Ethical Performance:
  • Digiorno
  • Tombstone
  • California Pizza Kitchen
  • Jacks
  • Hot Pockets
  • Lean Pockets
While, another list of improvement made within the above-mentioned brands by the end of 2015 are, as mentioned in the Ethical Performance:
• Removed artificial flavors from every product within these brands
• Reduced sodium by an average of 10% across the entire portfolio compared with 2013 levels • Incorporated packaging guidance to help educate consumers about appropriate portion sizes and the importance of eating fruits and vegetables to create a balanced plate
The changes were made keeping in the mind not to compromise on the taste while improving the “nutritional and ingredient profiles” as a part of “ongoing efforts”.