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Nestlé Professional’s Team Inspiring With ‘Art On The Plate’


In celebration of the “International Chef’s Day 2016”, Nestlé Professional’s team visits Boys & Girls Club’s “local chapter”.

Dailycsr.com – 28 October 2016 – Employees and chefs from “Nestlé Professional” formed a team to participate in the “International Chef’s Day” which took place on the 20th of October 2016, whereby paid a visit to a “local chapter of the Boys & Girls Club of America”.
During the day, the team demonstrated their cooking skills through hands on approach; likewise, they got the chance to even play around with their food ingredients to make masterpieces under the concept of “Art on a Plate” using “fruits, vegetables and grains” probably little known by the kids.
The Nestlé Professional’s team dealt with “nutrition education” besides training the students in “a bit of culinary skill” along with the information about the said industry for giving them an understanding what are the possibilities, if they choose to become chefs in their career.
Even though, the “International Chef’s Day” lasts for only twenty four hours, the “Boys & Girls” Club and Nestlé’s partnership extends beyond the limits of a day. “Boys & Girls Clubs of America” even hosted the event of “National Fitness Competition” in various parts of the country with the help of “#Nestlé150for150”.
Nestlé continues with its above mentioned relationship which caters its attention to “nutrition, health, exercise and giving back to local communities”. In the words of Nestlé Professional’s Corporate Communications Manager, Laura Hardin:
“Nestlé Professional is excited to participate in International Chef’s Day this year. We’re all looking forward to the events on Thursday. There is going to be food, fun and we’ll even sneak in some education. This event is for the younger kids at the club. We’re already planning another date before Thanksgiving so the older kids from the Boys & Girls Club don’t feel left out.”