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Nestlé Has Revealed The CVS 2016 Finalists’ Name


The finalists of CVS, chosen by Nestlé have passed through four screening sessions.

Nestlé Has Revealed The CVS 2016 Finalists’ Name
Dailycsr.com – 31 May 2016 – The opening of World Humanitarian Summit that took place in Istanbul also synched with the announcement made by Nestlé, wherein the company has revealed the “finalists for the Creating Shared Value [CSV] Prize 2016”.
The winners are the “Natural Extracts Industries” based in Tanzania and the Cameroun based Agro-Hub. Both the finalists were selected following four screening sessions, whereby they were chosen from a pool of “450 applicants”. The jury consisted of the “Nestlé CSV Council”, who were joined by nine “independent experts” and nine “Nestlé internal experts”.
About the company of NEI, Ethicalperformance writes:
“NEI is a social enterprise pioneering sustainable extraction of flavors in Tanzania. Founded in November 2011, NEI has established a value chain for the marketing of natural flavor extracts from vanilla, cacao and orange, working with smallholder farmers on the Tanzanian side of Mount Kilimanjaro”.
While, the Agro-Hub has been introduced as:
“...an agricultural production and marketing agency in south-west Cameroon working to help small-scale farmers gain access to sustainable markets. Agro-Hub has built a small-integrated factory to transform cassava into starch and garri, a type of tapioca, and sell it to its network of consumers through its own fresh food store (Agro-Mart)”.
In the words of the Chief Executive Officer at Nestlé, Paul Bulcke:
“Both programs stand out for providing social-economic benefits to smallholder farmers in Sub-Saharan Africa, and increasing commercial value locally in the production of vanilla and cassava. They reflect good examples of how the private sector can contribute to increasing livelihoods in Africa.”
The “CSV Prize 2016” winner will be revealed on the 21st of June 2016, in Abidjan, “Ivory Coast”. As a prize, the winner will get “a share of CHF 500,000”.