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Nestlé Goes ‘Big’ & Goes ‘Home’ To Mark Its 150th Anniversary


Nestlé’s essential values, its commitment towards the community sit at the core of its culture.

Nestlé Goes ‘Big’ & Goes ‘Home’ To Mark Its 150th Anniversary
Dailycsr.com – 16 September 2016 – The Chief Executive Officer at Nestlé U.S.A, Paul Grimwood, informed that the company of Nestlé was celebrating its 150th anniversary by “going big — and going home”. There are lots of challenges for planning even a simple birthday party but when it comes to Nestlé, which is present all around the globe, the challenges get enormous, while presenting “endless possibilities” at the same time.
Therefore, Grimwood reports that:
“At Nestlé, we decided to go big and go home, taking our birthday spirit to our own communities”.
Keeping up the spirit, Nestlé organised “its largest single day” community service, while over six thousands employees from Nestlé volunteered across the U.S. Furthermore, Nestlé stretched the celebration to more than a single day, whereby the “#Nestlé150for150” commitments took shape giving a concrete form to the company’s “long-term commitment” towards creating a “positive impact” throughout the communities.
Nestlé began its commitment of sending out positive impact with the improvement of food quality, as the company aims to “become the world’s leading nutrition, health and wellness company”. However, food alone does not limit Nestlé’s responsibility towards its communities, therefore it sought to provide “far-reaching value” to its communities, suppliers and customers alike, so that they take the values forward, whereby Nestlé would have shared something that is embedded in its core, which would last for “150 years and longer”.
Describing the various type of services involved in the agenda of the historic day for Nestlé, Grimwood added:
“Everything from stocking food pantries to creating care packages for soldiers overseas to cleaning up trash from roadways and waterways”.
While, Nestlé volunteers will remove “invasive species and trash from the Mill River”, “provide more than 1,200 students with backpacks and school supplies”, offer their help in “local animal shelters” as well as in gathering children’s school supplies. In fact, Grimwood also mentions three important values of Nestlé which are: “Water Access”, “Education and Jobs”, and “Health and Wellness”.
So far, Nestlé has exceeded its commitment of “providing 350,000 people with water, sanitation and hygiene services by 2016” on a global scale, as by the year of 2015, Nestlé already “had provided 440,000 people around the world with these services”. Grimwood also said:
“Nestlé is working closely with policymakers and educators to help people land their first jobs. By 2018, we will offer 24,000 job opportunities and 7,000 apprenticeship, internship or traineeship positions across the Americas”.
Nestlé’s partnership with “Boys and Girls Clubs of America” is helping children and teenager to “set and achieve tangible short-term fitness goals” for which every two years, “National Fitness Competition” is being held. The company is hopeful that by the year of 2017, the “National Fitness Competition” would have reached “500 clubs and engage more than 50,000 young people” in this programme.
In Grimwood’s words, Nestlé’s “commitment to communities and the people in them is as strong as our commitment to our shareholders. We cannot serve one without serving the other.
“I can’t think of better way to mark 150 years than going big while serving the communities we call home”.