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Nestlé Acknowledges Its Employees’ Contribution In Its 2016 ‘Creating Shared Value Report’ For Being Ahead Of Its 2020 U.S. Objectives


Nestlé has added several achievements to its shared value initiative, besides completing various projects well ahead of schedule.

Nestlé Acknowledges Its Employees’ Contribution In Its 2016 ‘Creating Shared Value Report’ For Being Ahead Of Its 2020 U.S. Objectives
Dailycsr.com – 20 June 2017 – Nestlé sheds light on its efforts made and achievements bagged in the field of “nutrition, health and wellness; environmental sustainability; rural development and responsible sourcing; water; and social impact” through its “Creating Shared Value Report” for 2016 that shares its activities in this line that has taken place in the U.S.
In fact, more than forty percent of Nestlé’s U.S. related “objectives” aimed to fulfil by the year of 2020 has already been achieved by 2016. The Chief Executive Officer as well as the Chairman of Nestlé U.S., Paul Grimwood, said:
“Through our 2016 report we demonstrate that creating value for our business and creating value for society are inextricably linked. The breadth and depth of our achievements and ongoing commitments are a testament to the complexity of our business and the many areas where we have impact. All of these achievements exemplify how we deliver on our purpose of enhancing quality of life and contributing to a healthier future.”
Moreover, Nestlé also acknowledges the contributions of its “51,000 employees” that form an essential part in realising the company’s sustainable goals. As a result, the company featured “a mosaic cover” of the report containing “employee photos”, while similar profiles are available “throughout the report” along with their “personal contributions” in “shared value”. Here are the highlights of the report, as mentioned by Ethical Performance:
  • Product reformulations: Nestlé reformulated 1,830 products for nutrition and consumer preference, including reducing sodium and sugar, eliminating artificial colors and flavors, or increasing essential nutrients.
  • Responsible sourcing: By the end of 2016, 90% of all cocoa materials in the U.S. were UTZ-certified and purchased through the Nestlé Cocoa Plan.
  • Reducing water usage: Nestlé implemented water efficiency projects across California that are projected to save 144 million gallons of water per year.
  • Creating jobs: Nestlé brought on 1,400 individuals for internships, trainee and development programs, academic hires and apprenticeships through Project Opportunity.
  • Building community: Nestlé held its largest single day of community service with more than 6,000 Nestlé employees participating in more than 150 community events across the country in celebration of the company’s 150th anniversary.
Furthermore, here is a list of objectives included in the 2016 report that have been completed, as stated by Ethical Performance:
  • Simplifying ingredient lists: In 2016, Nestlé expanded the number of products that are no GMO, gluten-free, or made with organic ingredients across some of its most popular brands.
  • Advocating for effective water stewardship: Nestlé implemented water-savings projects in 100% of high-priority manufacturing facilities.
  • Taking advantage of renewables: Nestlé developed an energy plan for each of its operating facilities that will take advantage of renewable energy and encourage utilities to move to more low-carbon energy mixes.
  • Enhancing support for new parents: Nestlé successfully implemented its Parent Support Policy offering up to 14 weeks of paid leave to primary caregivers to take care of their newborns.
  • Project Opportunity: Nestlé enhanced “readiness for work” activities (e.g., participation in job fairs, information sessions, résumé workshops, etc.) and increased its emphasis on the recruitment of military veterans, with a special focus on matching veterans to jobs that use their specialized skill sets.