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Nature Becomes Inspirational Source To Solve ‘Biggest Problems’ Caused by Climate Change


Studying nature closely to find the answers to sustainable solutions for haunting global issues.

Dailycsr.com – 26 June 2018 - Alessandro Bianciardi thought of helping communities in most need of “fresh water”, like the farmers in rural areas who are facing with worst effects of droughts induced by climate change. Likewise, Bianciardi along with his team of designers and engineers, from Planet Company, took it upon themselves to find a “more affordable, scalable and radically sustainable solar still”, whereby tapping into the “source of the most effective R&D process”, which none other than “nature itself”.
The above mentioned team of Planet consists of the chief executive “Alessandro Villa” and “product developer Alessandro Zecca”; together the team is using biomimicry techniques, inspired directly from nature, to drive in next level’s innovation. While, Megan Schuknecht reports:
“Biomimicry is based on a simple idea -- that living systems can provide clues for how to create human designs that are better for both people and planet. It’s a pathway to innovation that’s leading social entrepreneurs to find new solutions to tough issues like energy consumption, greenhouse gas emissions, food systems, transportation, water management and more”.
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