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‘National School Food’ Programme Is Supported By The ‘Largest Federally Supported Multi-Sector Investment’


Addressing “diet and health” among school children and bringing the “capability of regional and institutional food systems” to provide “basic nutritional needs” creates healthier world.

Dailycsr.com – 22 December 2017 – Contributing in a “national school food program”, the “Farm to Cafeteria Canada” and “Whole Kids Foundation” made an announcement to reveal the “largest federally supported multi-sector investment”.
Over “$3.1 million” worth of investment is to be made in “children’s nutrition over the next three years”. Whole Kids Foundation made an investment of “$1.03 million” which acted as a magnet to attract “additional NGO grants and earned matching funds from the Public Health Agency of Canada”.
The Director of “Whole Kids Foundation school programs”, Kim Herrington said:
“This comprehensive approach to nutrition education is creating healthier environments in classrooms and cafeterias alike. We are proud to be a part of this movement and thankful to Farm to Cafeteria Canada for their deep understanding of the need to empower kids to make healthy food choices; this is a prime example of the power of public-private partnerships.”
The “Farm to School Canada grant program” is responsible for connecting “schools to farms and children to their food”. While the Farm to Cafeteria Canada’s National Manager, Joanne Bays added:
“Farm to School has great potential to address two of society’s major challenges: concern about the diet and health of our school children and concern about the capability of regional and institutional food systems to provide for basic nutritional needs.”
“We are thrilled about our partnership with the Whole Kids Foundation. Canada is the only G8 country that does not have a national school food program. Most Canadian schools do not have cafeterias nor staff to provide food for students. The $1.03 million contribution from Whole Kids will enable schools to purchase and install basic gardening and/or food service equipment – including a salad bar. The additional funding from PHAC and NGOs will help to build the supportive national and regional infrastructure and training opportunities necessary to support and sustain school-based efforts to bring more healthy, local foods from farms to cafeterias.”