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National Geographic Highlights The ‘Power of Parks’


Parks are the “best” ways to inculcate cultural values into the future generations, says President Obama.

Dailycsr.com – 02 September 2016 – On the 25th of August, the National Parks Service of the United States marked its centenary anniversary. In this apt celebration it offered “multiple ways” whereby people could explore the parks and come to know about methods which can help in preserving “them for future generations”.
The said step was taken under the “Power of Parks initiative” of National Geographic, which is to last for over a year. The initiative commemorating the “Parks Service Centennial” was launched in the month of January which reaches out to each and every media platforms under National Geographic, like “television, publishing outlets, and social media”. Moreover, it also includes a web portal called “Explore the Power of Parks” that features the “latest magazine stories and photos, travel guides, maps, and educational resources”.
Furthermore, National Geographic has also come up with “a special programming slate” that presents a variety of new online, TV and in print contents. Through its, latest magazine issue, National Geographic has published a story revealing “the commercial interests threatening the park” of Grand Canyon. In fact, in the words of President Obama, the “cultural value of the national parks” is "America's best idea." He said:
"I think that the way a place like this imprints itself in you, especially when you're young, and carries on for the rest of your life, is remarkable. I do believe that when we get kids, families, out in open spaces, it changes them. It roots you. It gives you a sense that there's something bigger and grander than you. It gives you a sense of order."