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National Geographic & FOX Join The ‘Breakthrough Prize Team’ To Reach Out To The Global Audience


National Geographic continues the tradition and comes to honour the ones pushing the limits of scientific realm.

Dailycsr.com – 27 December 2016 – National Geographic has once again played the role of airing a “live broadcast” that honoured the leading researchers as well as scientists in recognition towards their contributions made in various fields like “fundamental physics, life sciences and mathematics”, under the title of “Breakthrough Prize ceremony”.
The said ceremony is an annual venture which took place this year on the 4th of December and became a star studded event, wherein the “Academy Award winner”, Morgan Freeman, was the host of the programme, while Alicia Keys, who won the Grammy award for fifteen times for her singing, graced the show with a performance.
The live performances were followed by “an edited one-hour version” which was aired locally on the 18th of December at “7:00PM ET/PT” through the “FOX network”, whereas National Geographic shouldered the responsibility of airing the same in hundred and seventy one countries in forty five different languages. In the words of the Chief Executive Officer of “National Geographic Global Networks”:
"We are proud to join forces with Don [Mischer, producer] and the Breakthrough Prize team not only to honor the best and brightest in science shaping the world of today and tomorrow, but also to bring this important event to the broadest global audience possible. National Geographic was founded on the spirit of mavericks, and this partnership affords us the opportunity to continue this great tradition by recognizing those who are breaking barriers and expanding the limits of possibility."
In the realm of science the “Breakthrough Prize” has left a lucrative mark for itself as it celebrated its fifth year honouring the “outstanding career achievement” as well as “emerging talent” in three categories of science: “fundamental physics, life sciences and mathematics”. Under these three fields twelve individuals will be given a total prize of “eight $3 million awards”, while “six $100,000 prizes” will go to the ten “New Horizons in Physics and Mathematics Prizes” winners.
Moreover, it will be the second consecutive year that the ceremony will also provide awards to the “Breakthrough Junior Challenge” winner, wherein student between the age of thirteen to eighteen take part by making a “short film that brings to life an important scientific idea”. According to “21st Century Fox”:
“The winning student will win a $250,000 scholarship, as well as a state-of-the-art science lab for his/her school. The student's teacher will also win $50,000. In total, the Breakthrough Prize will award $25 million throughout the ceremony this year”.