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Nat Geo Provides the TCS Students A Field Trip To Mars


With the VR simulation and anti-gravity treadmill, The Cinema School Students receive an ‘Immersive’ Mars experience.

Dailycsr.com – 25 November 2016 – On Monday, the 14th of November, the “six-part series” of National Geographic, “MARS” made its global premiere, whereby following the ceremony, the National Geographic in association with the 21st Century Fox, Took two hundred high school level students of Bronx’s “The Cinema School” to a field trip for an “immersive Mars experience”.
The trip was enriched with a “virtual reality simulator” accompanied by an “anti-gravity treadmill”, while they also heard about the form that the human life would take in Mars. The Cinema School was founded in the year of 2009 by 21st Century Fox in an attempt to support the “Ghetto Film School” with the partnership of the “New York City Department of Education”, whereby at present, the same is considered to be the “first film high school” of the nation.
With the monetary help of the 21st Century Fox, a “curriculum guide” along with “educational resources” were created, which teachers can avail for free of cost, whereby “allowing them” to use science to solve problems for the “manned mission to Mars” just by sitting in a classroom. The 21st Century Fox’s “Executive Director of Social Impact”, Vijay Sudan, said while addressing the students:
“We've always been blown away by the potential, storytelling and creativity of young people like you here at The Cinema School and Ghetto Film School. If we're going to get to Mars in our lifetimes, it's going to take great storytellers like you to inspire us. You have an important role to play.”
The students got the privilege to enjoy the screening of the MARS’ first part in their classroom, had to go through a question and answer session of half an hour conducted by the author of “How We'll Live on Mars”, Stephen Petranek; the latter in fact was the inspiration for the new series of Nat Geo. Moreover, Petranek was accompanied by Clémentine Poidatz, who played the role of Amelie Durand in the series of MARS. The duo recounted the story of the making of the MARS series along with “the feasibility of humans settling on Mars”.
Following the above mentioned session, the students got to experience a VR simulator of landing in the MARS, while the “anti-gravity treadmill” gave them the experience of walking on Mars, wherein only thirty eight percent of gravity can be experienced. Furthermore, the students also demonstrated their aptitude for an astronaut as they completed a “mission control rocket landing and surface rover digital experiences”.