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Morgan Stanley On A Mission To ‘Regular To Nutrition’ To Every Child


Morgan Stanley’s renew hunger relief commitment of eight million dollars.

Dailycsr.com – 12 October 2016 – On the 22nd September 2016, the “Morgan Stanley Foundation” made an announcement about its commitments towards “hunger relief” in a renewed pledge of “$8 million” over a period of four years, whereby the foundation will support Feeding America in addressing “children’s hunger” and producing programmes for the same.
The said grant is in addition to its previous “$13 million” commitment spent as a “support to Feeding America”, which as per Morgan Stanley is the “largest domestic hunger relief charity” in the country. The charity organisation of Feeding America and Morgan Stanley’s partnership dates back to the year of 2009, whereby till date as many as “11,000 employees” put in over “60,000 hours” of volunteering service with “Feeding America food banks”, while  as a result of the same effort, more than fifty millions meals were distributed.
The president of “Morgan Stanley Foundation as well as the global philanthropy head of Morgan Stanley, Joan Steinberg, stated:
“Feeding America and its network of local food banks are key partners in Morgan Stanley’s mission to help ensure every child has the essentials they need for a healthy start in life. Regular access to nutritious food is a critical component of that mission, and we are proud to support this program both financially and through our employee volunteers.”
Moreover, the said grant will also help the “Flex Grants” programme initiated by the firm, whereby it will kick-start 25 “local food banks” and support them on the way to “grow and sustain childhood feeding programs” on an annual basis. From the grant, “training” will be given to strategically plan the support of local food banks for assisting them in “extending the benefits of the grants long beyond the grant cycle”. In this manner, the community will be ensured to receive “sustained services”.
In fact, this year, the firm of Morgan Stanley has made a commitment of increasing the “availability of fruits and vegetables for children”, involving a “new initiative” whereby the food banks availability and access will be made better through “transport and store fresh produce”. The Chief Executive Officer of Feeding America, Diana Aviv, stated:
“We are thrilled to receive this $8 million gift from Morgan Stanley to provide more nutritious meals to children and families in need. Morgan Stanley’s newest gift is an extension of its long-standing commitment to Feeding America and our mission.  We are grateful to count Morgan Stanley as a visionary partner in the fight to end hunger.”