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“#MoreThanATeacher’: A Token Of Gratitude To ‘Real-Life Super Heroes’


Ziploc® brand launches a new initiative to honour teachers who actually play the role of a super hero and changes his students’ lives for better.

Dailycsr.com – 11 May 2018 – Ziploc has given a new definition to a “super hero”, whereby honouring teachers from all over the country. The brand is launching “#MoreThanATeacher” which urges all to show gratitude towards their respective “real-life super heroes” who are none other than out teachers.
This new initiative celebrates jointly the “National Superhero Day April 28 and National Teacher Day May 8” and helps in the supply of resources to teachers besides encouraging the students as well as the public in general to recognise a teacher’s “heroic impact” created on our lives.
In an attempt to empower the teachers throughout the country with “extra superpowers”, the brand pledged “$100,000 to DonorsChoose.org”, which in turn will fund various “classroom projects” for hundred teachers from all over the country. The sale of brand products like the “Infinity War” inspired by “Marvel Studios’ Avengers” will contribute to the donation made by Ziploc® brand.
SC Johnson’s senior vice president of “Global Corporate Affairs, Communication and Sustainability”, Kelly M. Semrau said:
“The impression teachers make on our world goes beyond anything fictional super heroes do in the movies or comic books – their positive influence sets the stage for generations to come and we’re so excited to celebrate real super heroes. We applaud the great work teachers do every day, and we’re looking forward to seeing the recognition students, former students and parents give teachers through this effort.”
While, the chief marketing officer at DonorsChoose.org, Katie Bisbee added:
"Students across America know their teachers are real-life super heroes. DonorsChoose.org is proud to partner with Ziploc to honor these teachers, by bringing their classroom dreams to life on National Superhero Day”.
Ziploc urged all to take to social media to express their gratitude towards “a teacher who changed their life” under the “hashtag #MoreThanATeacher”. In fact, to seed a conversation topic, Ziploc, as a gesture of recognition, specially made portraits of three teachers “who represent super heroes to former students”.
Ziploc® brand’s containers and bags full of “mementos” representing “the ways each teacher was a super hero” were creatively used to construct the portraits. A surprise waited for the teachers as Ziploc conducted “an unveiling ceremony” in the presence of “these former students”. Moreover, the teachers will also form part of a video series of Ziploc which will be featured in its social media pages.
Here is a list of the names of the three teachers who received Ziploc’s honour, as mentioned by 3blmedia:
  • Reginald Wills, History teacher at Washington Latin Public Charter School in Washington, D.C.
  • Kelli Morrill, Speech teacher at Blue Springs South High School in Blue Springs South, Missouri
  • Paul Peterson, Technology teacher at Harpursville Middle/High School in Harpursville, New York
These are just three examples among millions of such real life super heroes who change the lives of their students, as Wills’ gifted poetry book inspired Raval to become a writer, while new vistas of perceiving the world opened before other students in Wills “field trip to mimic the iconic Freedom Rider experience”. Similarly, students of Morrill and Peterson too have “equally moving stories” to share about their real life super heroes.