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Moovel Group Pushes Ahead Its Sustainable Agenda Of Interconnected Urban Mobility Services


Expert from around the world contribute to realise moovel’s dream through its online platform.

Dailycsr.com – 20 June 2017 – The cellphone market is under a period of “rapid change”, while more and more people seek for “‘on demand’-mobility”, especially the ones living in the cities opt for various “mobility services” that range from “traditional services such as local public transportation to car sharing, ride sharing, and ride hailing services”.
As far as the customers are concerned, these services should come to them as “seamlessly interconnected”, while the network should have a “central” access point wherein the entire service range could be paid “by smartphone”. This is exactly what the moovel Group’s next mission is about as it strives to develop a system suitable for “urban mobility” enabling users to tap into a wide applications’ range.
Thus, the present trend takes the innovators from “autonomous driving” to “urban planning”. “Move Forward”, is an online English platform of moovel, which is being used to design this futuristic dream through dialogue between the experts of an “international group”. Moreover, the Group’s head of communications, Michael Kuhn, also added:
“Our moovel apps are helping cities to make mobility smarter and more sustainable. Move Forward provides external and internal experts with an international platform where they can come up with new thoughts for urban mobility and smart cities.”
Interested people can also become this community’s part, for which one needs to apply through hello@move-forward.com . In order to “become authors” one needs to just send “contributions” in the mentioned site.
There is a rich amalgam of “internal and external viewpoints” in the Move Forward’s blog, whereby:
“Thoughts by international experts and insights into the work of the moovel Group set the agenda and provide food for thought concerning all of the facets of future mobility”.