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Mohawk Group’s Inspiration For Smart Urban Environment


Turning to “Smart City collection” for creating smart cities of tomorrow.

Dailycsr.com – 30 May 2020 – High speed connectivity and technology are among other features of smart cities which bring people together. Cities have their own culture, provide opportunities to individuals while centring on business headquarters. Drawing inspiration from the present model of a city and that of the future, a company has made a “carpet system”, highlighting the “urban environments of the future, made in a sustainable way”.
The Smart City collection of Mohawk Group, which happens to be a “12" x 36" Living Product carpet plank system”, provides a glimpse of a future that nurturing citizens in urban environments through “advancements and sustainable development”. In the words of the Vice President of “design and product development” at Mohawk Group, Jackie Dettmar:
“The best cities and urban environments are well planned and fluid, making creative use of space to maximize efficiency and growth. We looked to this model to create Smart City, specifically how this vision of metropolis and community responds to the needs of all who inhabit and visit—whether through walkability, accessibility, the integration of green space or any number of factors that actively improve quality of life.”
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