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Million Girls Moonshot: Inspiring STEM Education for Girls Nationwide


The Million Girls Moonshot initiative is a nationwide project that aims to revolutionize the perception of who can participate in engineering, building, and inventing. Its goal is to inspire and equip the next generation of innovators by involving an additional one million girls in STEM education by 2025 through after-school and summer programs. This aligns with our company's objective to enhance diversity in the STEM workforce pipeline. 

The Moonshot employs a collaborative funding approach, providing grants to every state in the US through the 50 State After-school Networks. These grants support inclusive, hands-on STEM learning experiences for students in after-school programs, with a focus on promoting equity. 

In 2022, the Moonshot introduced the 2022 Flight Crew, comprised of 16 exceptional young individuals from across the nation who serve as STEM ambassadors. These youth leaders are actively working in their communities to challenge stereotypes and ignite curiosity in STEM among their peers. The Flight Crew is dedicated to leveraging after-school learning to create a brighter future where girls from all backgrounds can envision themselves in STEM fields. They also play a crucial role in advocating for equity in STEM on a national scale. 

During its second year, the Moonshot made significant progress, connecting over 1.1 million students to afterschool STEM programs and engaging 94,399 teachers across all 50 states. 

Moving forward, we will continue supporting the Moonshot's mission of providing STEM programming through the 50 State After-school Networks. Our focus will also extend to specific areas, such as reshaping the perception of who can be an inventor and empowering young women in the field of invention. Additionally, we aim to amplify the voices of female leaders and role models in STEM, while providing educational resources to educators within the network.