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Midwest’s Child Asthma Victims To Receive A Helping Hand From The United Health Foundation’s Grant


In order to help the asthma child victims of Indiana region, the United Health Foundation donated a generous sum to the “American Lung Association”.

Dailycsr.com – 18 September 2015 – United Health Foundation awarded a “$2 million grant” to the “American Lung Association” which is situated at the Upper Midwest, whereby the latter can invest in the project of “Partners for Asthma Action” which involves ninety clinics across the region of Midwest; while “Indianapolis metro area” also comes under the said neighbourhood.
The project, namely “Partners for Asthma Action”, works towards providing financial support to help raise the “quality of life”, support “school achievement” besides other prospects of life for “more than 180,000” children with asthma who are living in families that come under the category of “low-income”. These families are situated in five different cities: “Indianapolis, Milwaukee, Minneapolis, St. Louis and a fifth city to be identified later this year”. It is an endeavour to reduce “asthma-care costs” of the families that live in the above mentioned areas and fit all the eligible criteria, whereby the “unnecessary health care utilization” can be hoped to be brought down.
Moreover, the project will also be making the communities conscious about the importance and facilities available for treating asthma while producing “education resources”. Besides, the Partners for Asthma Action will also initiate various local service agencies that will be dedicated to public health and will strive to eradicate, given the limitations, the environmental agents that trigger asthma attacks for the victims. In fact, children who are currently under “poorly managed asthma” care will be identified and referred for better health care provisions.
According to BusinessWire’s information:
“The grant is part of United Health Foundation’s “Helping Build Healthier Communities” program that provides critical resources to nonprofit, community-based organizations across the country to improve people’s health”.
Indiana based American Lung Association’s executive director Tanya Husain states:
“United Health Foundation’s support is helping us expand our work and enhance people’s health and well-being in greater Indianapolis. The United Health Foundation grant will help us improve the quality of life of children in our community living with asthma.”
The grant was announced at the “LUNG FORCE Walk”, situated at Indianapolis on the 13th of September 2015. The initiative brought together “individuals and teams” alike, who joined hands to battle “against lung cancer”. The event was organised to benefit the lung health to the maximum as all the donation collected was for the cause of improving “lung health” and preventing “lung disease”. The latter can be achieved through “education, advocacy and research”. While the UnitedHealthcare Indiana branch’s C.E.O cum the “American Lung Association”, Dan Krajnovich said:
“United Health Foundation is grateful for the opportunity to support the American Lung Association’s efforts in bringing new, innovative approaches in asthma care. The American Lung Association’s work in the community is showing significant results and enhancing people’s health and quality of life, particularly in underserved areas.”
The Upper Midwest based Lung Association forms part of the “national American Lung Association” as the “regional charter” of the latter. It reaches out to over “500,000 people” on an annual basis. The Upper Midwest ‘Lung Association’ comprises of ten “state associations” of the region such as: “Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota and Wisconsin”.