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Meta's New Quest Education Product: Enhancing Learning with VR


Key Points:
  • Meta is set to release a new educational product for Quest devices later this year.
  • The product will offer educators access to a variety of education-specific apps and features, along with the ability to manage multiple Quest devices simultaneously.
  • Development of the product involved extensive collaboration with educators, researchers, and third-party developers worldwide.
Meta plans to introduce a novel education solution for Quest devices later this year, catering to teachers, trainers, and administrators. This innovation will grant them access to an array of education-focused applications and functionalities while facilitating the management of multiple Quest devices concurrently. The development of this product stems from thorough consultation and partnership with educators, researchers, and third-party developers across the globe.
Regarding the potential of metaverse technologies, such as virtual, mixed, and augmented reality, their impact on education stands out as particularly promising. Learning, inherently social, thrives on interaction and discussion, aspects augmented by the unique sense of presence and immersion offered by these technologies. Furthermore, they enable educational experiences impossible in the physical realm, allowing students to interact with subjects directly, visit distant museums, and safely engage in otherwise hazardous or costly vocational training.
The momentum behind the integration of these technologies into education continues to grow. Notable examples include New Mexico State University utilizing virtual crime scenes for teaching criminal justice, Stanford University employing virtual reality to impart soft skills to Business School students, and the University of Glasgow immersing students in virtual environments to study life sciences, such as exploring virtual intestines to understand microbial interactions.
Furthermore, an expanding body of research demonstrates that virtual reality (VR) learning can enhance students’ academic performance, engagement levels, attendance, and overall satisfaction. Notably, Morehouse College's 2022 findings revealed that students who engaged in VR learning achieved an average final test score of 85, surpassing the 78 scored by those in traditional classroom settings. Additionally, a survey conducted by the XR Association revealed that 77% of educators believe that VR technologies stimulate curiosity and enhance classroom engagement.
In an effort to facilitate educators' use of immersive technologies, Meta is slated to unveil a new education-focused product for Quest devices later this year, akin to the previous Meta Quest for Business designed for professional environments. This forthcoming offering will grant teachers, trainers, and administrators access to a diverse array of education-centric applications and functionalities.

Moreover, it will enable them to efficiently manage multiple Quest devices simultaneously, streamlining classroom or training environment preparation without the need for individual device setup. This streamlined approach not only saves educators valuable time but also enables students to promptly initiate their learning experiences—a consistent request from educators utilizing Meta devices.
The education and training sectors present significant markets for technological advancements, with a growing number of developers creating apps tailored to these fields. Although the adoption of immersive technologies in educational settings is still in its infancy, there exists ample opportunity for broader integration.
The specifics regarding the product's name and features will be disclosed in the forthcoming months. Upon launch, the product will be initially available in Quest for Business supported markets, catering to institutions serving learners aged 13 and above.
The development of this new product stems from extensive consultation and collaboration with educators, researchers, and third-party developers across the global educational landscape. Our aim is to provide a solution that facilitates students' learning, application, and practice of new skills, fosters a sense of presence among teachers and peers, and enables virtual visits and experiences otherwise inaccessible.

Ultimately, our goal is to empower educators to excel in their roles. We remain committed to learning from educators to continuously enhance our Meta Quest headsets, ensuring they remain the premier devices for bringing classrooms to life at the best value.