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MetLife’s ‘Bold Environmental Goals Drive Innovation, Ambition And Effective Solutions’


MetLife’s “2018 Global Impact report” builds on its environment stewardship legacy.

Dailycsr.com – 22 June 2019 – MetLife Inc. sees “protecting the environment and ensuring a healthy future” for its employees as well as the customers, stakeholders and the community at large is to create a sustainable future.
The company continues to carry out its long standing “environmental stewardship” commitment, while being the proud “first U.S. insurer to achieve carbon neutrality”. Keeping the environmental benefit in mind, MetLife has been working towards energy efficiency, green buildings, and volunteering besides investing responsibly. The company has an aim of reducing its footprint and building “resiliency in a changing world”.
MetLife’s mantra is to strive for ‘continuous improvement’ which has become a guiding factor in decreasing its “energy use and greenhouse gas emissions through carbon reduction and operational efficiency programs, water reduction strategies, recycling and reuse efforts, and more”.
The company sets forth “strong operational goals” and partners with its employees as well as its supply chain operators for driving success. Talking about taking forward carbon neutrality by offering ‘energy and climate solutions’, MetLife informed:
“Our sustainability journey has taught us that bold environmental goals drive innovation, ambition and effective solutions. In 2018, we maintained our carbon neutral status by continuing to improve operational efficiency and finance carbon offset projects around the world”.
The company is on schedule to exceed its “2020 energy and climate goals” through “energy efficiency projects” and investments in green building besides leading sustainable behaviour campaigns as well as “real estate consolidation”.
Furthermore, the “Global Sustainability Team” at MetLife which falls under “Global Technology & Operations”, overlooks “environmental management, energy efficiency and performance, including engaging employees and suppliers”. Similarly, the team for risk management scouts for “potential disruptions” in the “operations and supply chain from climate change, such as natural disasters and health crises, while our business continuity, facilities and crisis management teams prepare for such eventualities”.
Here is are the number from its “Green Impact 2018” report:
  • 9,000+ employees from 30 offices in 11 countries joined Earth Day activities
  • 5,000+ hours spent volunteering at Green Team events
  • 2,000+ employees from 28 countries, in more than 200 teams, took up our annual EcoChallenge
You can read the “MetLife 2018 Global Impact report” by clicking on the link below: