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MetLife Foundation Making Great Advances in Raising Awareness on Financial Inclusion


The MetLife Foundation has recently released its annual report of 2014, to highlight the work done by the Foundation and its partners in its goal towards financial inclusion. The Foundation has already committed to a $200 million grant spread over five years for encouraging advances towards financial inclusion.

MetLife Foundation, the charitable arm of MetLife, has released its annual report Into Action. The 2014 Annual Report  highlights the MetLife Foundation’s activities and showcases a wide array of grantees, activities and partners.

Over the past year, the MetLife Foundation has made noteworthy progress towards accomplishing its goals on its mission of financial inclusion. In the year 2013, the Foundation announced a five year plan committing to spend $200 million, spread over the years, to ensure that people all over the world get access to better financial services. The Foundation believes better awareness and access to financial inclusion would help improve living standards all over the world. As of now, the Foundation has already committed almost $70 million towards this goal.

The report points out the partners and the grants that have helped making advances towards the cause of financial inclusion.

Dennis White, the President and Chief Executive Officer of MetLife Foundation, spent the past year travelling around the globe to meet the Foundation’s global non-profit partners and their clients. He recently said, “I have been amazed at the dedication they bring to the needs of the communities in which they operate. To see the difference that they are making in the lives of individuals and families is truly inspiring. My thanks to them for helping to ensure that more people across the globe have access to quality financial services and products they need to build better lives”.

In addition to the work it has been doing towards advancing financial inclusion, the MetLife Foundation also supports other fields such as culture and arts, research on the Alzheimer’s disease and other age-related programs, community development and youth education. The Foundation believes all these programs and more can benefit significantly in improving local communities and improve lives all around the world, wherever MetLife operates.

Some key highlights of operations of the MetLife Foundation in 2014 are:
  • MetLife and MetLife Foundation’s contribution totaled $47 million
  • Gaining 216 financial inclusion grantees with an additional 816 volunteer and matching gift grantees
  • Providing grants in over 23 countries all across the globe.
  • Accumulating 62,000 volunteer hours from all the employee engagement activities
To help raise awareness about the issue of financial inclusion and also to recognize achievements in this mission, MetLife Foundation announced its new and exclusive sponsorship of ‘The Financial Inclusion Challenge,’ managed by The Wall Street Journal. To complement the challenge, MetLife Foundation and WSJ Custom Studios are sponsoring a multi-media website, Multipliers of Prosperity, to showcase the most innovative advances being done in the field. The website also highlights few of the most amazing and effective work being done by grantees of the MetLife Foundation.

About MetLife Foundation
MetLife Foundation, created in 1976, is the charitable arm of MetLife, dedicated to community outreach and contribution. Till date, MetLife has provided more than $670 million in form of grants, and $70 million in investments to organizations, involved in having positive impact on their communities. Currently, the MetLife Foundation is dedicated to advancing the reach of financial inclusion, committing $200 million to assist in building a secure future for communities and individuals all around the world. Visit www.metlife.org, to learn more about MetLife Foundation and the work it’s been doing.