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Mercedes-Benz Arena's Earth Day: Music, Art, and Green Initiatives


On April 22nd, as the global community commemorates World Earth Day, the Mercedes-Benz Arena (MBA) in Shanghai, operated by AEG, is spearheading efforts to raise awareness about environmental issues with its "Planet vs. Plastics" campaign. Through a series of events, the arena is shining a spotlight on the pressing need to address plastic pollution and embrace sustainable practices.
To kick off its Earth Day festivities, the arena hosted a natural healing concert on April 19th led by the Aether Band, featuring an array of natural instruments such as handpans, rainsticks, and didgeridoos, creating a harmonious blend of music inspired by nature. Special guest Afri showcased innovative ways to repurpose plastic products like PVC pipes and buckets, demonstrating the creative potential in sustainable practices.
In tandem with the musical performances, the arena introduced its Green Viewing Initiative, urging both fans and employees to adopt environmentally conscious behaviors in their daily lives. Through initiatives like biodegradable food packaging, recycling glow sticks, minimizing disposable plastics, utilizing electronic tickets, waste sorting, and promoting eco-friendly transportation, the arena seeks to inspire active participation in sustainability efforts.
Further emphasizing the message of recycling and creative reuse, Mercedes-Benz Arena collaborated with PepsiCo. to present the Artistic Piano—an eye-catching installation crafted from recycled Pepsi plastic bottles. Attendees also had the opportunity to engage with a plastic bottle recycling machine, earning rewards for their contributions to environmental conservation.
Expanding its reach beyond the confines of the arena, MBA organized two community events as part of its Earth Day celebrations. Partnering with Play Hard Club, the arena hosted a cycling event along the picturesque Pudong Riverside, encouraging participants to embrace eco-friendly transportation options while appreciating the beauty of nature. Additionally, a rhythm workshop led by Afri provided attendees with an immersive experience in percussion music, using handmade instruments created from recycled plastic products. This collaborative event empowered individuals to express their creativity while reinforcing the importance of environmental stewardship and collective action within the community.

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