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Mentoring To Pave A Diverse Leaders’ Avenue


Learn about the Moody’s employee’s contribution in created a diverse base of leaders for the future.

Dailycsr.com – 08 March 2019 – As per the observations made by Moody’s “Multicultural Employee Resource Group”, in short MERG, in 2014, young men of colour were somehow lagging behind in their classrooms.
Since, good education forms the foundation for building a better future, the employees of Moody’s could not but intervene to prevent the students from losing their learning opportunity. As a result, New York based MERG got together with the city’s “Big Brothers Big Sisters” organisation and created a “mentorship program” called “Bridging the Gap”. This programme supports the young men of colour and helps them to realise “their potential”.
In the year of 2017, fifty employees from Moody’s, termed “Bigs”, became coaches of forty five school children, called “Littles”, from Brooklyn based “Eagle Academy for Young Men II”. The mentorship programme covered various skill development areas like preparing them for college, training them in communication, teaching them to work in teams and handling “problem-solving”.
Additionally, the students got to tour colleges, and took part in cooking lessons for learning to cultivate “healthy eating habits” besides it also gave them a push to improve in classes and “become better public speakers”.
The ex-President of the U.S.A, Barack Obama, had launched a programme, in line with the initiatives of My Brother’s Keeper, which aimed at keeping “more young people on track” and thinking on a broad spectrum about their future plans. In fact, the employees of Moody’s mentor students about the ways of succeeding on the professional real. Through programmes such as “Bridging the Gap”, the Moody’s employees contribute in the building of a foundation for a future lead by diverse groups.
While an associate lead analyst at “Moody’s Investors Service” in public, infrastructure finance and project, Jerrel Baker said:
“I chose to become a mentor because I can personally attest to the benefits of having one as a young man of color. This is my avenue to pay it forward.”
In Moody’s words:
“Our group of mentors reflects the diversity of race, gender, sexual orientation, generation, background and tenure within Moody’s. We believe it’s important to show the Littles that everyone can seize the opportunity to succeed in the professional world and at a corporation such as Moody’s”.
Find out more about the “2017 CSR Report” of Moody’s by click at the link provided below: