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Meet the Stellar JBL Campus Athlete Ambassadors from Top US Universities


In the dynamic environment of college life, JBL has introduced the innovative JBL Campus initiative, focusing on NIL student athletes and influencers to enhance unrestricted self-expression. JBL Campus has collaborated with 25 dynamic student athletes and 55 lifestyle influencers on 45 U.S. college campuses, individuals who redefine their pursuits by celebrating a vibrant fusion of passion and individuality – referred to as "eardividuals." These are students who go beyond the ordinary, embodying a lifestyle that champions their unique selves.
For college students navigating the complexities of self-discovery, JBL now stands as a strong ally, a brand committed to elevating voices and nurturing distinctive narratives. JBL Campus is aligned with student athlete ambassadors from various sports, including Flau’jae Johnson, a multi-talented LSU Women’s Basketball star who brings her passions both on and off the court into the partnership.
Flau’jae Johnson expressed her enthusiasm, stating, "I’m excited to continue growing my partnership with JBL through a program that embodies the spirit of self-discovery and amplifies authentic voices. It's not just about sound; it’s about celebrating the individuality that makes each of us different and unique throughout campus."
Beyond college athletes, JBL Campus extends its reach to college students with influential followings on platforms like TikTok and Instagram, encouraging them to create engaging content that celebrates their true selves. These partnerships are a celebration of authenticity and unfiltered self-expression, demonstrating leadership across diverse interests, from music and art to social impact.
JBL's commitment to the multifaceted talents of its partners reflects a dedication to amplifying unique voices and fostering a community that embraces creativity and originality. Serving as a co-conspirator in each partner’s story, JBL aims to amplify voices shaping the future, reaching new audiences and communities across the country.

“By partnering with these vibrant individuals, JBL extends far beyond broadening its reach by cultivating a dynamic array of diverse narratives, forging voices that authentically embody the true essence of JBL,” said Chris Epple, Vice President of Marketing at HARMAN.

JBL Campus proudly presents a lineup of student athlete ambassadors from various universities:
  • University of Kansas
Hunter Dickinson & Kevin McCullar Jr., Men’s Basketball
  • University of Minnesota
 Emma Carpenter, Women’s Golf
Mara Braun, Women’s Basketball
  • Ohio State University
 Devin Brown, Football
Celeste Taylor, Women’s Basketball
Kameron Nelson, Men’s Gymnastics
  • University of Florida
Aliyah Matharu, Women’s Basketball
Elli McKissock, Women’s Volleyball
  • University of Texas at Austin
Shay Holle, Women’s Basketball
Alyssa Washington, Women’s Softball
  • University of Washington
Zion Tupuola Fetui, Football
Jayda Noble, Women’s Basketball
Wesley Yates III, Men’s Basketball
  • University of Michigan
Jace Howard, Men’s Basketball
Whitney Sollum, Women’s Basketball
Laila Phelia, Women’s Basketball
  • University of Georgia
Jaiden Fields, Women’s Softball
Nazir Stackhouse, Football
  • University of California, Los Angeles
Alyssa Conyers, Track & Field
Lexy Denaburg, Women’s Volleyball
  • St John’s University
Camila Ordonez, Women’s Tennis
Brady Dunlap, Men’s Basketball
  • University of Nebraska
Taylor Landfair, Women’s Volleyball
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