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Meet Abiman Rajadurai: McDonald's Legal Department Member and APMEN Vice Chair


Introduce yourself to Abiman Rajadurai, an esteemed member of McDonald's Legal Department and Vice Chair of McDonald's Asia Pacific Middle East Network (APMEN). Abiman joined McDonald's in 2017 with a belief that the company's size would allow him to bring about significant change. He now considers himself incredibly fortunate to collaborate with people from various departments within the McDonald's system on a daily basis.
Abiman's journey to McDonald's began when he was born in India and later moved to the United States with his family at the age of 2. Growing up, his family relocated multiple times across the Midwest before settling in Michigan. Abiman believes that these frequent moves made him more sociable and adaptable to change.
During his childhood, Abiman developed a strong interest in legal television dramas and aspired to become a lawyer from a young age. Following college, where he met his future wife, he pursued his dream by enrolling in law school. It was during a summer internship in employment law that Abiman discovered his passion for this field, appreciating its direct impact on people's lives.
In 2014, Abiman interviewed for a position in his current team at McDonald's but was not selected. Despite the setback, he enjoyed the process and hoped for another opportunity in the future. In a pleasant turn of events, Abiman received an unexpected email in 2017 from Rafael Medina, an attorney he had met during the 2014 process. Medina inquired if Abiman was still interested in joining McDonald's global labor and employment team, to which Abiman wholeheartedly responded with a resounding "yes."
Since joining McDonald's, Abiman has risen to the role of General Counsel for McDonald's Operating Company (McOpCo), overseeing company-owned restaurants in the United States. His guiding principle is to ensure that McDonald's guests enjoy a fantastic customer experience whenever they interact with the restaurants. To achieve this, Abiman emphasizes the importance of providing employees with the best possible experience, as they are the crucial point of contact for the billions of customers served by McDonald's.
Abiman's impact extends beyond his legal work at McDonald's. Early in his tenure, he became a member of McDonald's Asia Pacific Middle East Network (APMEN), progressing to the position of Co-Chair for the McDonald's Headquarters (MHQ) chapter by 2019. In December 2022, he was appointed as Vice Chair for the global APMEN network. Abiman takes his role in APMEN seriously, understanding the significance of support and inspiration within the network and striving to ensure inclusivity for all members.
Abiman actively participates in McDonald's legal department's Pro Bono Committee and its Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee. Additionally, he serves on the boards of local nonprofits, driven by his passion for providing opportunities to those who may not otherwise have them.
Abiman cherishes the fact that "everyone has a McDonald's story." He fondly remembers his childhood excitement when getting his Chicken McNuggets and finds it gratifying to now create similar moments and opportunities for people worldwide, more than 30 years later.