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‘Medicine Depends On Technology To Improve The Future’


HPE has come out with a report on healthcare which shows a glimpse of the possible future medical landscape ranging from patient care, healthcare, technics, costs and patients’ experience.

Dailycsr.om – 04 March 2020 – The long queues for visiting a doctor, “short appointments” and “incessant testing” can leave one feel weary and one may wonder that medical systems have made little improvements, while the upcoming future of medicine holds promises for a better healthcare experience, informs HPE, “Hewlett Packard Enterprise”.
Involvement will be more from medical care while reducing “non-medical overhead” and hopefully also the cost. Medical technological advancement could introduce “significant benefits for patients” as they could “self-direct their care”.Moreover, HPE also added:
“Advances will also help medical professionals who are under pressure to deliver life-saving results while also handling all the compliance paperwork demanded today. In addition, medical professionals will be able to more carefully sculpt medical procedures to patients' needs and deliver more accurate, personalized diagnoses to direct treatments”.
With this intention tech experts are working to enhance healthcare experience. HPE has come out with a fifty seven pages long report which talks about the “technologies impacting medical care”. Below is list of topics that are included in the report, as mentioned by HPE:
  • “Technology that's improving all aspects of patient care
  • “Reduced patient costs
  • “Improved security for information and devices
  • “Smart medical spaces
  • “Prescriptions that include food
  • “Integration of personal devices into healthcare
Technology is rapidly integrating into medical care from “patient records, diagnostics” to the nutritional requirement of patients. Here is another list which enumerates the areas that are covered in the report, as mentioned by HPE:
  • “Medicine depends on technology to improve the future: Technology is improving all aspects of patient care, with specialized tools and better and faster analytics, reducing workloads and improving outcomes.
  • “Analytics leads the way to cost reduction: Improvements ranging from better facility management to more efficient supply chain operations are resulting in reduced costs to patients.
  • “New tech demands new security: With medical IoT becoming commonplace, the security-first model becomes primary. A fully integrated security model needs to be deployed, with the average hospital bed today hosting more than a dozen IoT devices.
  • “Medical facilities are getting smarter: Real-time digital integration, hospital-wide AIs, and smart medical facilities are working together to improve patient results.
  • “You are what you eat: Prescription food combined with integrated personal devices will have a big impact on patient healthcare.
  • “Healthcare’s future is digital: New technologies will integrate wearable devices into patients' healthcare, streamline and improve processes, and cut waste—reducing costs, improving care, and creating happier and healthier patients”.
You can avail the entire report of HPE, by clicking on the link provided below: