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McDonald’s McFlurry: Sustainable Upgrade for a Greener Future


The McDonald’s McFlurry spoon has been a topic of much discussion over the years, with many questioning its hollow handle and dual functionality as a spoon and straw. However, those in the know are aware that the spoon also serves as a spindle, used by staff to blend the perfect ratio of toppings into the creamy soft serve.

Starting this month, McDonald’s is introducing an eco-friendly upgrade in the U.S. Restaurants nationwide will begin using a reusable spindle, which will be cleaned after each McFlurry is prepared. Once your McFlurry is ready, it will be served with a smaller black spoon (the same one used for our Sundaes) that uses less plastic.

This minor adjustment will contribute to reducing single-use plastic waste in restaurants, without compromising the taste of the beloved McFlurry. It’s a beneficial change for both the customers and the environment.

This is just one way McDonald’s is revamping some of its most popular items to minimize waste and switch to more sustainable materials. You can find more information about our commitment and progress towards more sustainable packaging here.

So, while you may not see the iconic spindle-spoon in your McFlurry anymore, rest assured it’s still doing its job behind the scenes, for you and the planet.