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McDonald’s Launches ‘Sustainable MacFries Fund’ To Finance Farmers’ Resilience


McDonald’s along with McCain will offer “£1m” grants to the farmers.

Dailycsr.com – 25 September 2020 – McDonald’s has collaborated with McCain to launch “Sustainable MacFries Fund” with the aim of improving the potato farmers’ resilience in Britain. Moreover, the former has also partnered with WWF, Cargill and the Walmart Foundation to “improve land use practices”.
Moreover, the “Sustainable MacFries Fund” wants to provide tech support and new techniques to the farmers so that they can better manage water and have an improved quality of soil. There is a yet another partnership between McDonald’s and Countryside Fund of Prince, which also aims to support the farmers in making their future decisions.
Through this effort, McDonald’s along with McCain will offer “£1m” grants to the farmers, while the growers will receive education and training in the practices of “improving soil structure” with the help of MacFry planters’ “new infiltration tines”. Through this technology, the farmers can expect to see increment of water retention capacity in roots as well as the soil.
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