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McDonald’s ‘1 in 8’ Initiative: Celebrating Crew Members and Alumni


McDonald’s ‘1 in 8’ Initiative: Celebrating Crew Members and Alumni
Astronauts, educators, acclaimed playwrights, business leaders, and small business proprietors are among the diverse group that shares a common experience: they have all worked at a McDonald’s restaurant. This means that 1 out of every 8 Americans has had the responsibility of handling the globally renowned fries. McDonald’s is launching the “1 in 8” initiative to honor both past and present crew members who are part of this varied community, regardless of whether they continued their careers within the company or moved on.

The “1 in 8” members will benefit from special programs, such as the chance to participate in exclusive events, mentorships with distinguished alumni who have made significant contributions in their respective fields, and reunions with former colleagues, among other things.

To mark the beginning of this initiative, McDonald’s is releasing a limited-edition letterman jacket that symbolizes the “1 in 8” identity. The jacket was designed by Kendall Hurns, a McDonald’s alumnus and founder of the lifestyle brand Robotic Minds Concept, who drew inspiration from his fond memories and affection for the brand. The jacket includes special features that will be appreciated by fellow crew members. For each jacket sold, McDonald’s will donate funds to support outstanding crew members in realizing their dreams through unique experiences and opportunities.
“For 1 in 8 Americans, the McDonald’s restaurant experience offers critical life skills and creates opportunities for meaningful work and connections,” said Tiffanie Boyd, Senior Vice President & Chief People Officer at McDonald’s. “Formally bringing this group together will give past and present crew members alike the chance to continue growing, building their networks and celebrating the special community they represent.”
During the Homecoming season, McDonald’s paid tribute to the “1 in 8” community with its inaugural Homecoming celebration in New York City on Oct. 11. The event provided a platform for current crew members and “1 in 8” alumni to network, share personal narratives, and offer career guidance. Among the attendees were notable “1 in 8” members such as New York Times Best Selling Author and Peloton Instructor Cody Rigsby, Michelin-starred chef Harold Villarosa, TV host, actress, and entrepreneur Alejandra Espinoza, creative entrepreneur Kendall Hurns, and McDonald’s franchise owner Paul Hendel, who began his journey as a crew member at the age of 16 and now owns 31 restaurants.

The event embodied the spirit of Homecoming, complete with the Brooklyn United marching band, exclusive merchandise, and a friendly competition to determine who could assemble a Big Mac® the quickest.

Rigsby expressed his gratitude for McDonald’s, stating, “McDonald’s has always been my foundation. It’s a rewarding experience for me to share my journey and inspire others, especially those who started their careers at McDonald’s like I did.”

While many “1 in 8” members leverage the skills they acquired at McDonald’s to excel in various fields, others utilize them to advance within the company in roles such as franchisees, managers, or corporate positions.

Myra Doria, U.S. National Field President at McDonald’s, reflected on her journey, stating, “Looking back at my start as a McDonald’s restaurant employee 38 years ago, I am proud to be part of an organization that champions and supports its people. It’s truly special to have personally experienced the opportunities that the Golden Arches can provide.”

The “1 in 8” initiative is highlighting the remarkable individuals that constitute the Golden Arches. For the first time, McDonald’s is showcasing a cast composed entirely of restaurant crew in its creative campaign, spotlighting real stories and real people from local restaurants across various platforms including TV commercials, social media, and digital content.