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Maximus Racial Equity Audit: Transformative Insights and Ongoing Commitment to DE&I Progress


Maximus Racial Equity Audit: Transformative Insights and Ongoing Commitment to DE&I Progress

In response to a shareholder proposal during our 2022 annual meeting, Maximus enlisted the services of Wilmer Cutler Pickering Hale and Dorr LLP (WilmerHale) to conduct a comprehensive examination of our racial equity practices. This initiative, endorsed by our shareholders, presented an opportunity to thoroughly assess the impact of our company on non-White stakeholders and Communities of Color, thereby expanding our understanding of racial equity. 

Extending over more than a year, the audit involved numerous interviews and an extensive review of hundreds of documents. This in-depth analysis went beyond the initial shareholder proposal, exploring a broader spectrum of topics related to racial equity. 

The audit catalyzed meaningful discussions about additional measures we could take beyond the ongoing intentional efforts. The insights provided by the WilmerHale team highlighted ways to enhance our engagement with employees at all organizational levels on matters of racial equity. 

We take pride in sharing key findings from this comprehensive audit:

  • We have instituted various programs and initiatives to foster connections among our employees, offer professional development opportunities, and promote fair and equitable talent acquisition and management practices.
  • Our commitment extends to delivering high-quality services to our customers, particularly those residing in underserved communities.
  • An infrastructure has been established to leverage support from leaders across the business and gather employee input on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DE&I) issues.
  • We are dedicated to nurturing an open and inclusive work environment, actively striving to comprehend and address employees' concerns.
  • Our philanthropic efforts are being directed towards increasing their impact on underserved communities through strategic changes to the Maximus Foundation.
  • While Maximus has made significant progress in our DE&I journey, particularly in terms of racial and gender equity, we acknowledge that this journey is ongoing. We recognize opportunities for growth and increased intentionality in certain areas. Our commitment is unwavering, and we will continue learning, collecting and reviewing data, and, importantly, listening to our employees. 

The recommendations arising from this audit will be implemented using the same effective processes and robust governance that have contributed to the success of our programs thus far. Due to the cross-functional nature of this work, support will be extended by various corporate and operations teams across the organization, with regular reporting to leadership and the Board of Directors. 

"Maximus has made incredible progress in recent years with DE&I, and we intend to continue our journey. We are proud that WilmerHale’s racial equity audit recognizes our efforts to date and appreciate their thoughtful recommendations to continue promoting DE&I at Maximus. We are committed to continuing our learning, measuring our progress, and, most importantly, listening to our employees. We are grateful for the contributions of many to this audit, the important findings, and what we have learned.” -- Dr. Arvenita Washington Cherry, Vice President, DE&I