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Maximus Foundation: Empowering Employees through Charitable Contributions and Community Service


Maximus Foundation: Empowering Employees through Charitable Contributions and Community Service
The Tuesday following Thanksgiving is recognized as GivingTuesday, a yearly event promoting worldwide benevolence. This concept was born in 2012 and has since evolved into a continuous global initiative that motivates countless individuals to donate, cooperate, and honor the spirit of giving.

Throughout the year, employees of Maximus exhibit their charitable nature in numerous ways - from assisting a neighbor, championing a cause, imparting a skill, or contributing to charitable organizations, many across the U.S. dedicate their time, effort, and resources to contribute positively to our local communities.

We invite you to join us in acknowledging an uplifting tale shared by our team members and the significant cause they endorse.

Maximus Contact Center Operations, Richmond, Virginia Contributed by: Christine Herpel, Manager, Communications

The executive team at the Maximus Contact Center Operations (CCO) site convened in Richmond, Virginia, for their pre-open enrollment strategic meeting. The CCO persistently seeks avenues to aid local nonprofits in the communities where our employees reside and serve. This year, they pinpointed ChildSavers, a Richmond-based nonprofit and a long-time recipient of the Maximus Foundation grant, as the beneficiary of their endeavors.

ChildSavers’ mission is to navigate the community’s children through pivotal life moments with trauma-sensitive mental health and child development services. They stand as the sole nonprofit in Virginia implementing a unified prevention and intervention approach to address children’s mental health, equipping them for lifelong education and aiding them in overcoming trauma.

Upon gaining insight into the commendable work of ChildSavers, CCO leaders and staff formulated a plan to assist. They put together 150 “Feel Better Bags” for children who have recently encountered a traumatic incident. These bags contained coloring and puzzle books, journals, putty, colored pens, and cards of affirmation/encouragement. The ChildSavers team utilizes these “Feel Better Bags” to converse and impart coping and stress management techniques with children and families, aiming to mitigate the enduring effects of trauma.

Christine Herpel expressed the team’s sentiment, “We were delighted to understand the mission and significant impact that ChildSavers has on numerous children in the Richmond community. We are pleased to extend our support to such a remarkable organization.”

This is merely one instance among many where Maximus personnel devote their time to others. We are delighted to utilize GivingTuesday as a platform to acknowledge their contributions to their communities and the essential causes that cater to those in need.

The Maximus Foundation serves as a conduit for Maximus employees to collectively make a greater impact. Incepted by the Maximus Board of Directors in 2000, the Maximus Foundation operates as an autonomous, employee-driven, 501©(3) charitable organization. Employees amalgamate their charitable donations through the Foundation, thereby doubling their influence on the grantmaking program via Maximus’ matching pledge on a dollar-for-dollar basis, and exercise their voice by nominating and voting for prospective grantee partners. While the Foundation’s giving strategy primarily revolves around grantmaking, it also facilitates company-wide humanitarian initiatives and encourages employees to offer their time and expertise to nonprofits. Their enthusiastic donations and volunteer work aid in expediting the objectives of nonprofits at the forefront of the communities we cater to.
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